LYFT Royal Purple Mini

Mini Nicotine Pouches
LYFT Royal Purple Mini
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Manufacturer: BAT

Model: Mini Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 34.00 g / 10.00 g

Strength: 12 mg/g

LYFT Royal Purple MINI is a fresh pouch for those moments when you crave something in between sweet and sour. The taste of red grape is deliciously satisfying for the pickiest of connoisseurs, since it is balanced and well-rounded - It is a juicy taste explosion for all occasions!

This MINI-pouch is small and well hidden under you lip – for the discreet pouch user. You do not need to wait for the taste since the pouch is moist which makes the nicotine and taste release quickly. The can is equipped with a clever flex-lid, which expands with every added pouch. Yet another good reason to try LYFT Royal Purple MINI! Each beautiful can is blessed with a purple colour scheme and contain 6 mg/pouch of nicotine, which is quite strong.

LYFT is a trendy and fashionable brand, suitable for the new, fast generation that is eager for change. They are innovative and one of the leading brands on the market because of their cutting-edge appearance. The quality of the products from LYFT is extraordinary - there is no compromising on that aspect!

Declaration of content
Water, fillers (E460), flavor enhancers (saline), aromas, nicotine, xylitol, thickeners (E401), acidity regulators (E500), salmiak salt, sweeteners (E950).

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Kean Jaggard
November 27, 2020
grapeful for this
A very nice sized grape tasting pouch, i would definitely buy again