Ferrari Sweet/Salt

Ferrari Sweet/Salt
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Model: Söt/Salt

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Ferrari Sött&Salt (Ferrari Sweet&Salt) combines sweet and savoury liquorice in this car-shaped gelatine candy from Denmark. They are easy to bite through even though they have a somewhat hard surface. They are covered in ammonia salt to enhance their savoury taste.

The Ferrari Sött&Salt cars are parked inside a red and black package with a transparent area, so you can keep your eyes on them. They are parked rather close to each other due to the number of cars inside the bag, but their car paint will keep its salty surface undamaged with no scratches. 

Historically speaking, liquorice had not been used for candy until the 19th century, before that it was used to soothe a hoarse throat or to “rejuvenate” old men. But even though it was not primarily used for enjoyment, it doesn’t mean people didn’t love the taste of it! Even Tutankhamon loved the sweetness and the rich flavour of the liquorice root so much that upon his death, his tomb was filled with a copious amount of it, lying next to his jewellery and gold.



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