Filidutter Original

Filidutter Original
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Filidutter Original are popular retro sweets from the 1990s. These boiled sweets have a savoury surface, a sweet content, a sour middle, and they will bring your tastebuds on a journey you never thought you’d experience. Filidutter comes in different flavours, but the original is the clear favourite among them all.

Filidutter arrives in a bright and yellow bag, where it says “salt, söt, sur” which means savoury, sweet, sour in Swedish. The hard candy has a beige and somewhat greyish colour to them, and they have a round shape, which is comfortable to suck on, thankfully, because we do not bite boiled candy, that’s cheating!

Boiled candy comes from Scotland and was first seen at the beginning of the 1800s. These sweets were seen as some cheap alternative to candied fruit, which, in a way, was true. Boiled candy enabled people with less money to enjoy candy. During the 1800s candy was commercialized for the first time, and boiled sweets made candy available for everyone - poor and rich.

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