Hallon/Lakrits Skalle

Hallon/Lakrits Skalle
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Hallonlakritsskalle (raspberryliquoriceskull) is pronounced as follows: Delicious Swedish candy with a harmonious combination of sweet and savoury. This candy is a beloved classic in Sweden and was met with praise upon release back in 2001. Hallonlakrisskalle is in the shape of a skull with the flavours split in half, one side with raspberry and the other with liquorice. 

Packed in a red and black bag true to the colour of its contents, a cartoonish version of the candy itself is portrayed with big eyes, curious and innocent-looking, or as innocent as a skull can look. The bags weigh 90g and they come with no obligation to share their delicious contents with anyone, unless you are feeling extra generous.

BUBS is a Swedish and family-owned business with roots in Jönköping, and it was founded in the early 90s. BUBS stands for Bernt, Ulrika, Birgitta and Stefan, the names of family Lindström who founded the company, and still own it today, and their candy is produced in one of the most modern candy factories in the North. (In Scandinavia, not Westeros)


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