Malaco Colaflaskor

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Manufacturer: Cloetta

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Weight / Snus: 80.00 g / 0.00 g


Malaco Colaflaskor (Malaco Colabottles) is a prime example of when “sharing is caring” does not apply. These delicious cola flavoured and bottle-shaped candies are delectable and ready to be enjoyed in solitude, but you can, if you want, share them with friends and family! Malaco Colaflaskor is loved for its light, yet chewy texture, and it is one of the most appreciated Swedish candies on the market.

Malaco Colaflaskor is packed in a bright and fun bag where the cola bottles are enjoying a game of volleyball on a sunny beach day with the cool ocean in the background. This vibrant bag hints at the enjoyment awaiting inside it.

Malaco is a famous brand created by Cloetta, a company founded in 1873. If you are looking for Swedish candy connoisseurs Cloetta is the manufacturer for you. They have created popular Swedish candy brands such as Läkerol, Ahlgrens Bilar (Ahlgrens Cars), and, of course, Malaco. Simply put, they know how to make delicious candy.


Declaration of content
Glucose syrup, sugar / sugar, starch / starch, acid (citric acid), aroma, vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed), acidity regulator (e331), dye / dye (e150c), surface treatment / surface treatment agent (beeswax / beeswax)

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