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How to use nicotine pouches and tobacco free snus?

How do I use Nicotine Pouches?

Perhaps you have seen your Swedish friends place something small and white under their top lips and perhaps you are becoming curious about this little white pouch. Using nicotine pouches may look strange, but to us Swedes it is like drinking coffee, eating a kanelbulle or just walking in the park. To top it all off it is easier, tastier and cleaner than smoking! Using nicotine pouches is simple and can be broken down into these following steps:

  1. The first step is to find a product you like. Flavour is important, sure, but what’s also important is the product’s quality for a low-quality pouch will deliver a poor nicotine and flavour release as well as potentially be harmful. There are many bad versions out there, but because quality is something that we are passionate about you can rest assured that all products on our site have the highest possible quality. Choosing the right product for you isn’t easy, but it is a good idea to start by checking out the nicotine pouches that are most frequently purchased on our site, you’ll find them here!
  2. Step two is to pick a pouch from out of the can. Some people even take two pouches out of the can for they wish to achieve an even higher nicotine kick! This is not recommended, however, since side-effects from too much nicotine intake can be a bit unpleasant, especially if you are a nicotine newbie.
  3. Thirdly, you fluff the pouch up a bit by rolling it back and forth between your thumb and index finger. This step is only really useful if all the pouches are in a so called star formation, which is quite typical for Swedish Match products. The star formation gives a very sophisticated impression and makes it easier to see how many pouches are left in the can, but it can also cause the pouch contents to get unevenly distributed. By fluffing the pouch a little you simply re-distribute the pouch contents!
  4. Place the flavourful pouch under your top lip. As far up as it goes, really. So, not on your teeth. Once you have accustomed to using nicotine pouches, you’ll probably feel comfortable enough to simply place the nicotine pouch on your tongue and gently push the pouch up under your lip using the tip of your tongue only. Once you can do this, no one will notice when you place a new portion in!
  5. Let it sit there for as long as you can sense the nicotine and flavour release, once this fades, the pouch is ready to come out. Do you prefer a super long-lasting experience? Some products are better for that than others. Two brands that are known for their incredibly long-lasting experiences are Lyft and Zyn and their assortment is by far the most diverse in the nicotine pouch category. They offer every flavour combination and nicotine strength you can imagine!
  6. Most nicotine pouch cans carry a very practical catch lid at the top which is where you can place all your used portions. Very handy, since nicotine pouches on the sidewalk is not pretty. Did you know? Some catch-lids are flexible and will expand with every pouch you place in them. This is also great for the users out there who use their catch-lids as a way of transporting other brands of nicotine pouches that contain other flavours for example. This is clever if you wish to mix things up and not use the same mint, or liquorice all day! Products with flex-lids include: Lyft Urban Vibe and Lyft Easy Mint.

And there you go, that’s it!

Which is the perfect Newbie Nicotine Pouch?

So, now you know how to use nicotine pouches – but how do you know which product to try? When you are new to nicotine pouches and perhaps new to the nicotine experience in general there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, it is wise to begin with a nicotine pouch that has a lower nicotine level; this is to prevent unpleasant side-effects from too much nicotine intake such as dizziness, nausea and headaches. Second of all, a smaller pouch is typically a good idea to start off with as these feel more comfortable under the lip and will make you think less about what you are wearing under there. Perhaps you don’t care but perhaps you do and wish for on-lookers to be none the wiser – in that case Mini Pouches are highly recommended! These are absolutely tiny, ultra comfortable, super flavourful but with a slightly less nicotine content than your typical large portion pouch. Want to try them out? At our page for mini pouches you’ll find a list of our favourite newbie products! If you prefer navigating through flavours we have rounded up our best flavoured products within the following categories:

Nicotine pouch illustration