Swedish candy

Swedish candy

The one thing that is hard to get used to living without, is Swedish candy. The wide range of sweet, sour, liquorice and chocolate, and in some cases, all on one treat! We have collected the most popular Swedish candy we could think of, from the well-known creamy Marabou Chocolate that is close to our hearts, to the small Zoo box we grew up with. These treats may speak to your inner child and bring back memories or simply allow a moment of pure enjoyment. Hopefully there’s a little something for everyone!

Flavours for everyone

If you are new to Swedish candy then you’ll notice that there are many flavour combinations to choose from. We are equally as fond of the super sour sweets as salty liquorice, sweet bombs or chocolate that melts in your mouth. Which you can clearly see in the selection. To justify the consumption of candy we have created our own tradition of “fredagsmys” which means cosy Friday. Each Friday we have an excuse to add a little extra sweetness to our day for the ultimate “mys” (cosy) feeling.

Let us know!

If you are missing any Swedish candy that we do not offer then we are more than happy to add it to our collection! We are big candy fans and expanding our Candy selection can only make things better. The candy is also part of our Reward program, when you have reached 50 points you can choose whatever candy you prefer as a gift! From us to you, spreading joy through candy, can it get any better?

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