Coffee Pouches

Coffee Pouches

Coffee has been consumed in huge amounts since the 15th century and has over the last decade become increasingly popular to use in other products too, such as chocolate, pastilles, drinks and even as scented candles or soaps. Coffee is, and has been for a long time, a universal phenomenon that can literally be seen all over the world. Sure, all cultures have different preferences when it comes to flavour, strength and aroma but the fact of the matter is; the world loves coffee! But what is coffee, really? You are probably able to picture a dry, brown bean that looks shockingly similar to chocolate, but did you know it actually derives from a plant?

What are Coffee Nicotine Pouches?

With its dark green leaves and tall roots that can grow into an enormous bush it is hard to imagine that it can be made into the black liquid you see in your cup each morning or the creamy pouch you place under your lip. But below the big leaves of a coffee plant rest many berries that are green when they are young and red when they are ripe – these carry seeds that can be roasted and boiled to create coffee! So, coffee beans are not actually beans; they are seeds from berries that grow in abundance in Ethiopia among a few other places. The berries are handpicked from plants, peeled to reveal its flavourful seeds, dried then roasted which brings forth the aromatic and very delicious coffee that we know and love. In order to make these roasted seeds into a form that can be used in nicotine pouches, the seeds must go through processes where they are finely ground and mixed with water along with a tobacco free base that can be placed into pouches such as On! Coffee 6 - a nicotine pouch that offers an equally strong experience as your favourite espresso!

A Whole Latte Flavour

To imagine coffee flavour in snus products isn’t so hard anymore – if scented candles can smell of coffee surely Swedish Snus can taste of coffee? I think everyone can imagine themselves placing their favourite coffee right into their pockets where it is easily accessible throughout the day. No more hot cups that occupy an entire hand making it completely useless for more important things, no more hot drinks to spill, or burn your tongue on only to notice it is too cold for consumption shortly thereafter. With a coffee flavoured nicotine pouch you can simply slip a small pouch up under your top lip and voila! There it can sit for over an hour while you are free to do other things; all while providing you with an even flavour and nicotine release throughout the day.

One of our bestsellers comes from the hugely successful Zyn brand that has given us many delectable nicotine pouches. But one does stand out more than the others – the Zyn Espressino Mini Dry has made it possible to experience delicious notes of newly roasted coffee together with creamy nougat and sweet strings of cocoa. The Espressino is like carrying your favourite cup of coffee under your top lip! This delectable flavour rests inside mini nicotine pouches that are slightly drier than the average pouch, this causes it to have a longer flavour release! The all-white contents cause no dripping or discolouration on your teeth making this a great option if you opt for discretion.

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