Skruf Super White

Skruf Super White

Skruf Super White is a new series of tobacco free nicotine pouches created by Skruf snus. Skruf Super White offers a great variety of strengths and flavors. Mint, black currant, blackberries among other fruity options, and with nicotine levels ranging from 8mg to 18mg per gram.

New Innovations with Skruf nicotine pouches

Skruf launched a Super White series 2018 with a range in flavours and strengths. They have been a well-known manufacturer since the very beginning in 2001 and never ceases to amaze with new innovations, ideas and good quality snus. Today they are one of the Nordic region’s second largest snus company and they keep expanding.

A lot has changed since that first round of Swedish snus hit the market hundreds of years ago and took Sweden by storm. Back then, consumers couldn't choose between portion types, flavours and strength levels because the only snus format available was Loose. The snus industry has since then changed shape several times and although many classics are still alive today there are constantly new trends that jolt the way they are manufactured. Companies and manufacturers today must put their environmental hats on to ensure that their snus is produced using climate friendly means and methods – all while giving you, the consumer, a fabulous snus experience.

Perfect Combinations from Skruf snus

The Skruf Super White series first released two unique flavours.

Fresh - The flavour is known as icy mint because it has a clear sting to it. It feels like your normal snus without the tobacco flavour and without staining your teeth. Even if there is a burning sensation, the actual taste is a mild, sweet and fresh peppermint.

Cassice - This snus has a striking flavour of black currants with a little hint of mint. The result is a super fresh snus with a lovely sweetness. Instead of tobacco the Cassice is made of plant fibers. According to Skruf the snus got the name from the flavour, "black currant and mint (Cassis + Ice(mint) = Cassice)".

Since then, they have added plenty of new innovative products, they now have more mint, berry and liquorice flavours in a wide range of strengths.

The pouches are slim and super white, they fit nicely under the lip and are very discrete. Not only that, this snus is so white that it leaves no stains on your teeth! If that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what is.

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