Ace Nicotine Pouches

Ace Nicotine Pouches

With Ace Nicotine Pouches you will not only be greeted by an all-white, tobacco free experience, but also by balanced flavours, a high nicotine content and a great nicotine release. The 16 mg/g worth of nicotine inside each pouch is efficiently released without leaving brown stains on your teeth. Using nicotine has never been so discreet, delish or powerful before. Choose between a variety of well-procured mints and citrus flavours in search of your favourite!

What’s so Special about Ace Nicotine Pouches?

The reason for Ace’s uniqueness is above all the quality of the product. A few years back it would seem impossible to remove tobacco from the equation without ruining the flavour and nicotine experience, but Ace nicotine pouches has proven to us that it is possible. The experts behind all of Ace’s successful nicotine pouches have found a way to extract the nicotine from tobacco plants and shake off all the tobacco residue through patented purification processes in which they are left with a pure and powerful nicotine experience. Mix this with gum base and plant fibres and what you are left with is the all-white, clean, tobacco-free nicotine pouch that feels exactly like a regular portion of snus. Wearing a pouch of Ace under your lip means pure comfort as the gum base makes each pouch extra soft! At the Ministry of Snus, where Ace products are born every day, quality is one of the team’s core principles and it is also the most important one according to the ministry themselves.

All of Ace’s nicotine pouches are produced with the experienced nicotine user in mind as every can contains a robust 16 mg/g of nicotine. Enough to give even the experienced user a kick! Along with a powerful nicotine kick the user will be greeted by delicious mints and citrus flavours. Choose between different icy mints for the morning, perhaps, and soothing sweet citrus flavours for the afternoon. The pouches are all slim and thanks to the tobacco free contents they stay white before, during and after usage – and so do your teeth!

The Ministry of Snus and the People’s Voice

At the Ministry of snus there are several core principles that motivate and push the team into procuring the exceptional nicotine pouches we know as Ace. At the top of their list of core principles you’ll find The People’s Voice, that is, the voice of their consumers. In order to ensure their new product ideas are in accordance with consumer demand the Ministry decided they needed an expert panel of just ordinary people, like you and I, that would join the planning procedures to raise the voice of people who have expressed explicit wishes for future products. Their consumers are essentially a part of every step of production and their wishes steer the path in which the products will take. When Ace was released, it was done so with the People’s Voice being heard loud and clear; for they wanted an extra strong product free of tobacco but with a powerful flavour release and a discreet impression – which is exactly what Ace will bring you. Other principles include:

  • People’s Voice
  • Hard Work
  • Quality
  • Openness within organization
  • Diversity
  • Innovation

Who Might Enjoy an Ace Nicotine Pouch?

Ace products were designed to give both the snus newbie and the experienced snuser an alternative without tobacco but with a very present and satisfying nicotine release. But it is also the perfect option for the conscious consumer who perhaps wishes for a more discreet nicotine experience; after all, I think all regular snusers can relate to a feeling of unwanted attention being drawn to their upper lip. Since Ace’s pouches are slim they are hardly detectable by onlookers! Ace products can also be of great use for those who wish to quit smoking, or perhaps quit tobacco in general.

For what it is worth, Ace products don’t necessarily have to replace your regular favourite snus pouch but can work as a compliment purely due to its delicious flavour and refreshing qualities. Truthfully, we could all carry an Ace up our sleeves from time to time. But if you simply can't get enough of strong experiences we have created a shortcut to our most strong nicotine pouches right here!

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