Mint Pouches

Mint Pouches

Did you know that the first ever flavour to enter our otherwise tobacco centric snus market was mint? The day mint made its way into our snus pouches a chain reaction began and in almost no time at all we could see lots of new and innovative flavours on the market such as melon and cinnamon. You would think these are more alluring than mint because they sound tastier, but mint is still the giant of all snus flavours and most manufacturers offer at least two (some up to 5!) mint products in their assortment. Huge names in the world of snus such as Skruf, Swedish Match and AG Snus continuously release mint flavoured products in all shapes and sizes. Shortly after flavoured snus had become a fact, the nicotine pouches made their debut – bringing us a whole new fresh, clean, discrete and more importantly tobacco free way of snusing. Now, the new (and established) mint flavoured nicotine pouches we see coming into our warehouse each week are also available to EU residents!

What are Mint Nicotine Pouches?

I can almost hear you thinking – why on earth would we need all these mint products? Wouldn’t one be enough? Don’t all mint products taste the same anyway? Well, no, they don’t! Mint can be sweet, salty, strong, creamy, etc depending on which plant the flavour is based on (wait, mint is a plant?). Yes, and the most common plants that are used in food, tea and also snus contain spearmint, peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus and wintergreen. In order to flavour nicotine pouches the wanted flavour is extracted from the plant and then dried, crushed and mixed with water which can then be added to the other ingredients used to create a nicotine pouch. These flavoured extractions can be combined to give a certain wanted effect based on their predispositions. Spearmint, for example, tends to give a sweeter flavour profile like you will notice in the Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense, than let’s say menthol which gives a more powerful, pure and refreshing experience like with the LYFT Freeze X-Strong Slim. Wintergreen plays in its own league entirely because it has a unique flavour that, once you have tried it, you will always be able to recognize even through its aroma! Very distinct, quite sweet and super tasty. If you loved Jenka Chewingum as a child then you will feel quite nostalgic trying out a wintergreen product – the flavour is remarkably similar. Eucalyptus is also quite different to the others and is easy to recognize both by smelling it and tasting it. It has qualities that are very much appreciated if you have a cold or a cough and is for this reason quite often the flavour used in cough drops. The sharp eucalyptus taste in Ace Eucalyptus hits you like a breath of fresh air. Finally, the peppermint is a close relative to spearmint but if you taste the two you will notice a difference in their level of sweetness. This becomes clear when trying ZYN Slim Cool Mint Extra Strong that has strong notes of peppermint.

A Fresh Breath of Air

It certainly isn’t easy picking a mint product to try out because there are so many of them, and we watch our warehouse grow with new minty and non-minty nicotine pouches each month making it increasingly more difficult to choose! Luckily, mints can pretty much always be divided into two categories; the sweeter mints and the cooler mints that give a more powerful refreshing mint experience.

Don’t be fooled by the words “sweet mints”. As innocent as they sound these can carry a firm nicotine kick that will wake you right up! These sweet mints often include spearmint as their main flavouring as this is naturally sweeter than for example menthol. Take, for example the Lyft Ice Cool Mint and Lyft Mint Slim that has creamy notes of spearmint together with the slightest hint of peppermint in the background for extra freshness. Spearmint and peppermint products really do exist in abundance and are the most popular forms of mint we see in snus and nicotine pouches. There is a type of mint, however, that is more unusual than the others but nevertheless equally delicious. I am of course referring to Wintergreen! One of our most popular wintergreen products is the Lyft Winter Chill X-Strong Slim where you will be met by a sweet and powerful wintergreen taste, portioned into tobacco free silky pouches for a comfortable and discreet experience.

As mentioned earlier, minty products don’t always contain elements of sweetness. Some even have a salty flavour profile! One such product (which also happens to be one of our bestsellers) is the Skruf Super White Fresh Slim that is available at three different strengths. The reason for its salty quality is due to slight hints of salmiak that has been added along with highly refreshing notes of peppermint. If you are looking for a higher degree of freshness, however, the bestselling On! Mint 3mg and On! Mint 6mg with lots of cooling, a sharp menthol character and long lasting flavour release is loved by many.

A fresh Future

There are many fantastic nicotine pouches on the market, and many of them are mint flavoured. A nicotine pouch is in itself a very clean, hygienic option to original pouches and this fresh feel is heightened by the mint flavour. Gone are the days of discoloured teeth, brown saliva, bad breath and huge prillas sticking out under the top lip – nicotine pouches will deliver the refreshing nicotine experience you’ve wished for.

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