Special Offers

Why should you begin each nicotine pouch-search with a glance through our special offers? The answer is simply because we update this page so frequently that you will often find your favourite nicotine pouch here! Not only do we place our most bestselling nicotine pouches such as LYFT Ice Cool Mint and White Fox Double Mint on special offer regularly, but we also add complete newcomers to our specials page. It is our aim and goal with this page to offer your favourite pouch brand at the best price and to also receive a few extra cans for free!

Special offers on popular pouches in the EU

How fun would our special offers page be if it only consisted of less popular options? No, we want our special offers page to reflect current demand, and we are meticulously watching for new trends and tastes. Sometimes mint flavoured nicotine pouches are the over-represented option, and other times extra strong fruit flavours are the hottest pouches. But whichever type is trendy right now, we make sure to include a nice selection of both the latest pouch trends but also old goodies and less mainstream products for those of our customers who prefer a more unique variety.

Special offers and Reward points for the EU

We already know that purchasing nicotine pouches online will save you a lot of money compared to visiting your local gas station, pub, or supermarket. Often-time, you will not only be met by high prices at your local store, but also poor conditions for storage and a less impressive selection that mostly consists of a few bestsellers. You’ll be met by none of that here! Our competitive prices, special offers and wide selection is accompanied by one more thing – points for each purchased can! When you reach 100 points you will collect an entire roll for free! You can read more about our reward system here!

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