Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are tobacco free snus pouches that comes in a huge variety of types, strengths and flavours. It was created as a tobacco free alternative to Swedish snus and other tobacco products. With mint being the most common and popular flavour for nicotine pouches, it also comes in many fruity options such as citrus, melon and berries. The pouch format itself is either normal, slim or mini, and with nicotine levels ranging from zero strength to extra strong levels of 18mg/g.

The different brands and manufacturers

Among the producers of nicotine pouches you find well known Swedish snus manufactorer Swedish Match with its highly popular brand ZYN. Zyn was among the first tobacco free products on the market, once it increased in demand the other manufacturers followed. Shortly after Skruf snus also entered the market with the Skruf Super White Series. Todays number one bestseller is the Ice Cool Mint from Lyft snus who's entire product line are all among tier.

Formats, Flavours and Strengths

The nicotine pouches on the market come in a vast variety of flavours with something for everyone! The best part is that the pouches are all white and leave no discolorations on your teeth. If you choose the mini or slim portions you will also find that the portions fit very discreet under your lip. There’s a wide range of flavours being offered on The more common flavour is mint, but if you are in search for anything different there’s options such as melon, blackberry, coffee, liquorice, citrus, the list goes on. Strength is highly important when it comes to picking out your nicotine pouch. Options vary from 2mg per gram to 18 mg per gram, so be sure to check the nicotine levels before placing your order.

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