LOOP Nicotine Pouches

LOOP Nicotine Pouches

LOOP nicotine pouches are tobacco free, all-white pouches that deliver unique flavours in discreet slim portion bags. Each pouch is produced using InstantRush TM Technology for an immediate nicotine release that is also designed to give a long-lasting effect. Nicotine strengths vary from newbie levels to extra strong levels suitable for the experienced user. To top it all off, each flavourful nicotine pouch is placed into environmentally friendly cans that are produced using recycled plastic and plant material. Sick and tired of constantly using the same flavours? In the LOOP series flavours range from Jalapeño, Lime, Raspberries, Orange and icy Mint – all of these have been produced by Another Snus Factory in order to meet the EU market’s high demand for discreet pouches and unprecedented flavour combinations.

What is a LOOP nicotine pouch?

LOOP is a tobacco free nicotine product that can be enjoyed without the possibly harmful side-effects of smoking. In short, these were produced due to a high demand stemming from both the European as well as the International market for a more hygienic way to enjoy nicotine. The nicotine experience of a LOOP pouch is clean and satisfying, and thanks to its many unusual flavours it appeals to a broad spectrum of nicotine users. LOOP is, in other words, specifically developed for users who wish to enjoy the sensation of nicotine but without the flavour of tobacco! Although LOOP has quite atypical flavours, you’ll find similar ones in our sections for fruity pouches, liquorice pouches and refreshing pouches.

What makes LOOP different to other nicotine pouches?

There are several attributes that make LOOP nicotine pouches stand out among the rest. The primary reasons for LOOP’s great success include:

  • High Quality

    LOOP’s high quality becomes apparent the minute you open a can with pouches and their delectable aroma greets you. Despite the fact that each pouch is tobacco free they nevertheless deliver a powerful nicotine rush that is packed with long-lasting flavour, which is exactly what many European users demand.

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  • Unique flavours

    Whether you are looking for spicy, tart, sour, sweet or icy fresh you need to look no further than LOOP’s extraordinary assortment – for they have it all! Some of their flavours, such as Jalapeño and Lime, have never been blended before. Their flavours reveal true craftsmanship; a notion that is clear as day from the moment you lay eyes upon the sleek designs of each cans, all through the usage of each pouch and finally as you recycle their environmentally friendly cans.

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  • Green pouch cans

    LOOP is the first nicotine pouch brand (and snus, for that matter) in the world that is placed into environmentally friendly cans that are fully recyclable! The first step toward green cans has been taken and will hopefully have others follow the same lead. Each LOOP can is made of 50% plant material and 50% recyclable plastic. The world becomes increasingly conscious of planet health each day and the demand from consumers is great for eco-friendly products. In the case of LOOP, green does by no means equal dull for these can designs are among the coolest we have encountered yet!

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  • InstantRush TM Technology

    People who use regular snus often worry that nicotine pouches will fail to deliver the same quick onset of nicotine as regular snus. This problem has been completely omitted from the equation thanks to the new InstantRush TM Technology that LOOP uses in order to guarantee an immediate nicotine flow. The all-white, discreet LOOP bags will remain invisible under your upper lip during usage, deliver unique flavours, produce an immediate nicotine kick and will finally be recyclable at the end of your LOOP nicotine pouch experience! Can it get any better than this?

  • Who Manufactures LOOP nicotine pouches?

    Another Snus Factory is situated in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, and is the heart of all LOOP creation. Being a Swedish product that is not only produced in Sweden but also shipped out from Sweden you know the quality is going to be fantastic, mainly due to Sweden's already rigid standards on food products (which snus and nicotine pouches classify as) but also because the competition for nicotine pouch manufacture is so fierce, that only the very best can compete! Another Snus Factory openly write about their ambition to provide nicotine pouch users with only the highest quality and mention core principles such as "always do[ing] the right thing" and "enjoy[ing] the ride". Another Snus Factory are passionate about providing the world with smoke-free alternatives; a notion that is increasingly important on both the European and International market and although Another Snus Factory are newcomers their team collectively enjoy more than 50 years's experience in the field!

    Are LOOP nicotine pouches for me?

    When LOOP was first developed it was designed for the picky user who wants only the best tobacco free experience. Its high quality speaks to even the most selective user, and its green cans reveals a manufacturer with innovative thinking – something that can be appreciated by anyone.

    To sum it all up, a LOOP nicotine pouch is for the user who longs for a smoke free alternative that still delivers a satisfying nicotine experience, one that can even aid in quitting cigarettes. It is quite common that smokers require super strong products such as these to kick their smoking habit, but with LOOP the nicotine kick is satisfying even at regular level! LOOP nicotine pouches are being used all over the globe but are a huge favourite in the EU thanks to their discreet disposition that makes them easy to use anywhere, anytime. LOOP’s pouches can be used on the airplane, at your wedding recital, in a meeting and the first time you meet the parents without being detected. With LOOP you can choose to enjoy either a gentle nicotine release or an extra strong one, the choice is yours and no one is the wiser!

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