ZYN Nicotine Pouches

ZYN Nicotine Pouches

ZYN nicotine pouches are tobacco free pouches that comes in many different strenghts and flavors. ZYN pouches was created by Swedish Match as a tobacco free alternative for those who seek the nicotine sensation. Pouches comes in Mini and Slim, and with nicotine levels ranging from 4mg to 15mg per gram.

About ZYN and how it started

It is quite possible to like snus without being a big fan of tobacco, which is usually what makes up most of the content in a traditional box. That is the reason why the new products from ZYN have been developed. As a matter of fact they are specifically made for those of you who want to enjoy the sensation of nicotine without having to taste the flavour of tobacco.

To make a long story short, it is thanks to the Americans that we have ZYN in Sweden today. The brand started due to a wish from the Americans to get a nicotine-product free from the taste or smell of tobacco. It was initially launched in the states of Montana and Colorado but has since spread all over the world.

Unfortunately we cannot offer ZYN to the UK at this time.

This makes ZYN pouches unique

What makes ZYN unique? More than anything else is the quality of the product. The sensation of nicotine and the taste is still there even though the tobacco has been removed. The nicotine in ZYN still comes from the tobacco plant, but it is extracted and purified in a special distillation process. Where normal snus is made out of shredded tobacco, ZYN is made out of a number of different plant based fibres which gives the portion both its white colour and familiar texture. The purification process is done so that you can´t sense any taste of tobacco in these small white portions, which is exactly what many customers demand.

ZYN is also one of few brands on the market for alternative nicotine products that both looks like and has the same effect as snus. The portions are sold in different flavours, such as Mint, Spearmint or Citrus, and are packaged as either Mini Dry or Slim. A variety of the different tastes are also made as Extra Strong with a stronger nicotine dose. Another thing that makes ZYN different is that the snus is made with different levels of moisture, making for tastes to be released in a variety of ways. The aroma lingers in the mouth for a long while, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of ZYN. ZYN also comes with other flavours on the international market, such as coffee, winter green and cinnamon.

About the manufacturer of ZYN and the demand

ZYN was created by the leading Swedish tobacco manufacturer, Swedish Match. By choosing Swedish Match products you can be certain that you will always get the highest possible quality. Due to the company’s long experience - and its market dominance - all their products are developed with passion and according to what the customers demand. The company also makes other bestselling products such as General, Göteborgs Rapé and Ettan, and also the completely nicotine free product, Onico.

Swedish Match has a vision where they want to manufacture and distribute tobacco products and alternatives which have less negative health effects than cigarettes do. Despite the scientifically proven damage to health from cigarettes, they are still a tobacco product that has a huge share of the market all over the world. Swedish Match always makes new studies concerning how snus affects public health and aims to keep their customers up to date with current information. It is a fact though, that snus is a much better alternative than cigarettes due to snus having less negative effects on the user’s health.

ZYN, different from regular snus, is nicotine based but doesn´t contain any tobacco whatsoever. This means the product doesn´t affect mouth health in the same way as ordinary snus. One of the reasons the product was developed was due to the demand of a snus free from the traditional taste and smell of tobacco. This demand forced Swedish Match to completely remove the main ingredient, tobacco. The product, launched on the market in 2014, quickly gained popularity. ZYN products are discreet concerning both shape and smell, which makes them easy to carry and use no matter which social context you are in.

Who is ZYN for?

ZYN is designed for those who seek an alternative to snus but still want the nicotine sensation. This product is also perfect for those who need to stay away from tobacco for health reasons. Since both the taste and appearance are discreet, ZYN is useful in both professional and private contexts and you won´t have to worry that your use will bring unwanted attention as you remove the lid.

This products doesn´t necessarily replace ordinary snus. As there are a lot of great tastes to choose from, ZYN is most definitely something that needs to be tried by regular snus users as well. In many ways ZYN can make for a great alternative to your classic can of snus.

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