Newbie Pouches

Newbie Pouches

Have you been considering buying your first nicotine pouch for a while now, but haven’t done so because you simply don’t know which product to start with? Perhaps you are worried that you will purchase a product that’s way too strong, too visible under the lip or that simply tastes bad. Are you worried you won’t know how to use nicotine pouches once you’ve bought them? Well, worry no more for this page is completely dedicated to people like you!

Nicotine Content - What does it mean?

If you are a nicotine pouch newbie it can be hard to know which product will suit you, especially if you are new to nicotine in general. An overly strong nicotine product can give unpleasant side-effects such as nausea, headaches and dizziness.

For this reason it’s a good idea to learn how to read strength levels. The levels typically range from 3 mg/g to up to 18 mg/g and are displayed on the nicotine pouch can in the form of dots, numbers or wording. Skruf are a fan of dots and these can range from 1 dot to 4 dots, where the 4 usually indicates 18 mg/g (which is super strong and not recommended for the nicotine newbie). One of our most popular nicotine pouch brands, Lyft, make it easier by writing Extra strong or Strong on their cans. The different nicotine strengths can generally be broken down into these levels:

  • 1 dot or 3 mg/g – 6mg/g = Lowest Level
  • 2 dots or 7 mg/g – 9 mg/g = Regular Level
  • 3 dots or 10 mg/g – 14 mg/g = Strong Level
  • 4 dots or 15 mg/g – 18 mg/g = Extra Strong Level
  • 18 mg/g and above = Extremely Strong

The nicotine newbie will want to stay within the low-level region to begin with!

Choose Gentle Flavours

The feeling of strength can’t always be deduced by the amount of nicotine used because it can also be affected by the product’s flavour! Some flavours are used to intensify the feeling of strength; this is especially true for mint flavours. Menthol, being in the lead for super refreshing mints is a good idea to avoid in the beginning whereas spearmint, which is a sweeter mint, is a great flavour that will bring freshness without an excessive amount of burning under your lip. The Zyn Mini Dry Spearmint is a fantastic example of such a product – and it contains only 4 mg/g of nicotine! But although mint truly is a multifaceted flavour that works for many occasions it can be nice to mix things up and use something else from time to time. Other excellent newbie flavours include: Creamy Coffee flavours , Natural Liquorice flavours and Exotic flavours as these don’t produce the same powerful freshness that mints do.

Our Best Nicotine Pouches for Beginners

Here, at Snusdirect, we often find ourselves recommending a mini portion product to beginners as these are in general very newbie-friendly with their low nicotine levels and discrete nature. In our experience it is common for nicotine pouch newbies to feel uncomfortable wearing nicotine pouches under their lip because they worry about showing a huge lip-bulge. But with a mini pouch this won’t happen due to their small size. They are barely noticeable – even to the user.

Slim pouches are also a smaller type of pouch than the originals, but these have a wider range of nicotine strengths than the mini’s. In other words, some are super light whereas others are among the strongest within the nicotine pouch category! Below are some of our absolute bestsellers with a low nicotine content:

  • Zyn Espressino Mini Dry - a low-level nicotine product of no more than 7.5 mg/g with a delicious, creamy coffee flavour and long-lasting release.
  • Zyn Citrus Mini - here, you will be greeted by fresh notes of different citrus fruits and a low nicotine content of approximately 7 mg/g. A delicious flavour is efficiently released containing both strings of sweetness and tartness.
  • Lyft Easy Mint Mellow - this product has the lowest nicotine content among all Lyft products; weighing in at 6 mg/g. It delivers a gentle mint character with a sweet flavour profile that will give you a fresh feel all day.

So, now you know how to choose the right product for you and for your nicotine experience. But how do you actually use the stuff? And how long should a pouch really stay in? And where do you put used pouches? All of your questions on how to use Nicotine Pouches will be answered via our beginner’s guide!

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