Strong Nicotine Pouches

Strong Nicotine Pouches

Are you looking for a stronger nicotine pouch? We can understand why! Strong nicotine pouches usually offer a heightened experience, mainly in terms of taste and of course nicotine, but also in terms of its refreshing qualities. This is especially the case if you enjoy mint flavours, as the mint will intensify the already stinging sensation under your lip which ultimately gives you a stronger impression. Perhaps you prefer strong products because they appear more long-lasting and deliver a stronger buzz, or perhaps you wish to quit smoking and need a stronger kick in the behind to help you do so. Whatever reason you have and whichever product you are searching for you can rest assured you’ll find what you are looking for right here at Snusdirect!

Which are the strongest Nicotine Pouches?

Something that isn’t entirely unsurprising is that among our bestsellers you’ll find mainly strong products because these are the most sought-after products on the market. One of our absolute favourites at Snusdirect is the Lyft Ice Cool Mint Slim Strong from British American Tobacco which has 14 mg/g and refreshing notes of peppermint with a powerful cooling effect that stings and burns a little under your lip. There is also a slight hint of sweetness and herbs to really round up the taste. A great product! But perhaps you want something other than mint? Many of our snus fans are loving the Skruf Super White Slim Red Rhuby a little extra right now with its delicious taste of sweet and sour rhubarb and high nicotine content that lands around 12 mg/g it is an understandable choice. Two other popular nicotine pouches include the Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Extra Strong and the Lyft Tropic Breeze Slim which both exude high quality and strength.

A Strong Nicotine Pouch of High Quality

There are, of course, many reasons to choose high qualitative products such as for safety reasons. With all of the products on our website (and most Swedish snus and Swedish nicotine pouches in general) you can rest assured that these are quality tested from beginning to end. Beside from being safer, high quality products also give you better taste, a better nicotine experience, a more long-lasting flavour release and are more environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers, like for example Nordic Snus AB (the producer behind Nordic Spirit) go through great lengths in order to quality test their products. Nordic Snus have implemented a quality control system that goes beyond even the controls of both WHO and the Swedish government to ensure only the best products leave their warehouses.

Interestingly, the nicotine experience is greatly affected by the quality of the pouch because the lower the quality the less free-base nicotine is available. In short, free-base nicotine is the nicotine your body can actually absorb from a can of pouches. For most Swedish brands the free-base nicotine level is very close to the nicotine level that the manufacturer states on each can. But there are other types of snus (that is, snus that isn’t produced in Sweden and in accordance with Swedish standards) that contain barely any free-base nicotine and will therefore deliver a very poor nicotine experience. Quality matters!

Popular among Long-Time Snusers and Ex-Smokers

Strong nicotine pouches are hugely popular, especially among long-time snusers and ex-smokers. If you have been snusing tobacco all your life and want to switch to nicopods there is a great chance you will enjoy the stronger pods more so than the mild ones; somehow the strength can appear to have a more authentic Swedish snus feel. If you, on the other hand, have been smoking for many years and wish to quit this awful habit then strong nicotine pouches may very well help along the way. The experience you receive when you smoke is somewhat similar to snusing a strong nicotine pouch, but the main difference is that the nicotine pouch will deliver nicotine over a longer period and at a much more satisfactory rate. When smoking cigarettes, you receive a powerful nicotine release that fades rather quickly creating a huge nicotine dip. Besides, nicotine pouches are tobacco free!

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