Snusdirect rewards

As a member and customer of you will from now on earn points for all purchased cans. Earn 1 point for each can and reach different levels to claim free gifts and free rolls.

Its super easy! For each 100 points you will be rewarded a free roll, available in the checkout with your next order. Half way with 50 points you can also collect free gifts.

Reward program details

Points are added when your order is shipped, as soon as you reach 100 points your free products will be available in the checkout.

Select reward at checkout

Our reward program always resets at 100 points for you to immediately start earning even more gifts and rolls.
There’s simply no end to it! Just keep purchasing products and you will keep on receiving free gifts and rolls.

Some products might be excluded or given less points, those products will be listed below.
Excluded products: All Swedish Candy and mixpacks.