ZYN Cool Mint Mini

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ZYN Cool Mint Mini
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 30.00 g / 8.00 g

Strength: 7.5 mg/g

The ZYN Cool Mint Mini is one of our most popular pouches for nicotine users seeking a refreshing, clean experience. The portions are loaded with a large dose of peppermint and eucalyptus oil for the freshest experience possible. The flavour is intense and leaves you with a cooling effect. Many choose ZYN Cool Mint instead of regular tobacco products, thanks to its white contents and discreet usage. 

ZYN Cool Mint Mini comes in two different packages, a Mini Dry and a Slim. Mini Dry is very small and contains extremely little moisture as opposed to Slim, which has long, slimmed bags with low moisture content. The preference is down to the user, but both categories are well-approved in terms of the feel and the fact that they’re not too runny. The box is nicely white with a clear message on the front - nicotine without tobacco. Nicotine content is 7.5 mg/g!

ZYN Cool Mint is known as fully white, not only the portions are white but also its contents. ZYN produces nicotine products without tobacco, instead filling materials are used, such as different types of fibers, giving the portion its characteristic snowy appearance.

Declaration of content
Water, Fillers (E 460), Plant Fiber, Moisturizing Agent (E 422), Vegetable Oil, Salt, Acidity Regulating Agent (E 525), Aromer, Nicotine, Emulsifier (E 471), Sweetener (E 950).

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Bill Särö
February 10, 2021
This is very nice
Good stuff, the taste is really minty, nice cold sensation, very fresh. It is oriented towards beginners, given its weak nicotine content.
Casper jensen
January 15, 2021
good snus for newbies
if you are extremely new to snus, use this one. after i used lyft with 8.0 mg/g i really couldn't feel this one (it's close to the same strength). so it's good for a start up, but not good for normal snus users.
January 14, 2021
I love this one
I tried a few snus before this, but all of those were too strong for me as a "beginner". This one chills me down and I won't be sick of this, so who wants to try snus for the first time this could be a perfect choice. I'll order a few more of this!