XRANGE Nicotine Pouches

XRANGE, or XR, was known for their classic tobacco snus with a modern twist for a long time, but at the beginning of 2021, they launched their first ever-nicotine pouch: XR General Free From Tobacco – a revolutionary nicotine pouch that certainly personifies the phrase “new year, new me”. With this series, their ambition is to maintain the traits we already love from their regular XRANGE assortment but without the downsides of tobacco. With XRANGE’s nicotine pouches you will be greeted by familiar, classic flavours from some of their most popular Swedish Match products like General, Göteborgs Rapé and Catch. These are portioned into optimal slim pouches that last longer, drip less and fit better – all without any trace of tobacco!

What makes XRANGE nicotine pouches so popular?

A nicotine pouch that holds the familiar taste of tobacco has long been a faraway dream for many tobacco-lovers wanting to try a nicotine pouch, and who would be the first to make this dream come true if not XRANGE - a brand known for tradition and innovation? These unique all-white pouches will make way for an entirely new category of all-white pouches - the tobacco-free, tobacco-flavoured nicotine pouches. Tobacco-lovers all over Europe looking for an innovative alternative to tobacco will find it in XRANGE General Free From Tobacco. Other factors that make this product unique and desired among European nicotine users are:

  • Classic nicotine content – the XR General Free From Tobacco pouches stay true to the classic nicotine content of regular snus, to ensure that the experience of this tobacco-free product will remain the same as tobacco-tasting products have done in the past. That is, around a medium and just-right level of 8 mg/g. If you are looking for an even less intense kick then a glance at our newbie pouches could result in the perfect match!
  • The optimal pouch-bag design - XRANGE made way for their unique pouch when the brand was first released, and they keep the same design and functions for their nicotine pouches as well. They are still slim, they do not drip and they keep the same consistent and long-lasting flow of flavour and nicotine as do the classic XRANGE products. But thanks to the tobacco-free contents, this XRANGE pouch will keep your mouth free from bad odour!
  • A practical and beautiful pouch can - when you regularly use the same kind of can day in and day out you want to like it, and XR nicotine pouch cans deserve all the praise. They have a practical lid for disposal of used pouches and a thoughtful design, ensuring not only practicality in use but also making it aesthetically pleasing. Two important factors for the optimal user experience. A fun fact is that the design of XRANGE’s pouch-cans carry a similar look to the classic snus that they are inspired by, just like their flavours!

Who manufactures XR Nicotine Pouches?

XRANGE nicotine pouches is manufactured by Swedish Match, Sweden's number one manufacturer of snus and nicotine pouches. When buying a product from them you are guaranteed the highest quality of Swedish snus and nicotine pouches on the market. They have their own unique quality standard called GOTHIATEK, which on top of Sweden’s already stringent quality checks for food products such as snus, ensures top quality. Their standards never wager and they are completely transparent with their production so their consumers can trust their process, from seed to can. Their site is full of all the information you need to know in order to understand that Swedish Match is a trustworthy manufacturer that caters not only to customers, but to our environment. But are XR Nicotine Pouches Swedish Match’s only pouch brand? No, of course not! Swedish Match is an established manufacturer that produces many other popular tobacco free nicotine pouches such as Swave Nicotine Pouches and ZYN which are also bestsellers among European nicotine users.

Will I enjoy an Xrange Nicotine Pouch?

XR’s nicotine pouch brand offers a wide array of benefits, from flavour to design, to ensure that their pouches will be more than just appreciated - that they will be loved. But how can you know if this brand is for you? In general, the biggest fans of XR nicotine pouches are generally the following two types of nicotine users:

Tobacco consumers looking for a cleaner experience - Switching from a tobacco snus to a nicotine pouch is no small quest. If you have been a snus user for a long time it might seem uncomfortable to try a nicotine pouch, but XR nicotine pouches has really made that first step easier. How? By incorporating the taste of tobacco into their nicotine pouches while maintaining top-notch pouch functions and high-quality nicotine experiences - the same way classic snus has for so many decades. What has changed? The experience! It is now cleaner and fresher thanks to the following discreet properties of an XR pouch: it will not drip down your teeth, certainly not your throat, and will therefore only give you the favourable traits of a nicotine pouch.

The curious consumer – Innovative products are always fun to try out, and XR Free From Tobacco is no different. This is a modern pouch with a hint of tradition, perfect for a modern traditionalist as well as the curious consumer looking to try something new and exciting! But perhaps you prefer nicotine pouches with more pronounced flavours, perhaps even sweet or fruity ones. If that is the case, you’ll find that our page for various nicotine pouch flavours is the perfect place to start your nicotine journey with Snusdirect!

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