Mini Nicotine Pouches

Mini Nicotine Pouches

Comfortable, discreet, mild and practical are some of the terms that spring to mind whenever mini pouches are discussed. Mini nicotine pouches deliver the same efficient release of flavour and nicotine as regular pouches, but without dripping and of course with a less conspicuous lip-bulge. To top it all off they have a lower nicotine content which is perfect for the beginner or for someone who wishes to cut down their nicotine intake!

Mint, Citrus, Coffee or Something completely Different?

When it comes to nicotine pouches the diversity of flavours is truly impressive and offers you the opportunity to keep many different ones as part of your daily rotation – perhaps a coffee flavoured mini nicotine pouch in the morning, a mint after having brushed your teeth and a soothing citrus for the evening? But if you are new to mini nicotine pouches or snus in general it can still be quite difficult to choose the right product for you. Here are some of our favourites:

Zyn Espressino has a creamy profile with strings of cocoa and nougat along with a hint of vanilla. A tasty snus that has a higher nicotine strength than what is usually seen in mini portion – 7.5 mg/g!

On! Coffee 3 and On! Coffee 6 is another coffee flavoured snus that is offered at two different strengths – both strengths are great if you are looking for an ultra strong experience! But the flavour is where this product truly excels with its delicious taste of freshly roasted coffee beans along with sweetness and a creamy profile.

Zyn Citrus Mini is offered at two strengths, the extra strong being exceptionally strong for a mini snus – a whopping 15 mg/g! The regular delivers 7.5 mg/g which is the perfect level for a nicotine beginner! The flavour consists of orange and lemon grass; a combination that delivers both sweetness, freshness and a slight tart sensation!

Zyn Cool Mint Mini is enormously refreshing with its powerful peppermint character and menthol oil you will feel super refreshed all day! This is also offered at two different strengths; 7.5 and 15 mg/g where the former is also a good option for the beginner - but bear in mind that whenever menthol is used one can expect the experience to feel much stronger than what the nicotine content indicates.

All of the mini pouches on our website come in a very practically-sized can that is much smaller than original cans. It is easy and comfortable to carry in your pockets and will not disturb your everyday life! If you want to explore new flavours you can easily do so through our flavour-categories:

Who might enjoy a Mini Nicotine Pouch?

The answer is quite simple – anyone! Even if you normally snus regular tobacco-centric snus there are many occasions where you might find a mini pouch to be extra handy. Take for example after your daily teeth brushing routine – what better way to get your nicotine treat than via a tobacco free mini nicotine pouch with mint flavour? No teeth discolouration, no bad breath and instead just a tiny flavourful mint drop that only you will notice. And speaking of discretion, when might that be of use?

I think most snusers can relate to some scenarios that often occur when people notice the snus pouch under your lip in a place outside of Sweden. Some questions you are probably used to include – What is that? Is it bad? Why do you place it there? Do you swallow it? Perhaps, sometimes you just wish to get on with your snusing in peace. Mini nicotine pouches are virtually impossible to detect under your lip, unless you roll them around in your mouth. Since these are also tobacco free there will be no brown saliva covering your teeth and lips while you speak at the next conference, and the tasty flavours will keep your breath fresh all day. These tasty flavours can be found in our list of your favourite nicotine pouches

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