New arrivals

Finding new brands and products

It is sometimes hard to keep track on what’s new, replaced or simply re-designed. The New Arrivals represents the new nicotine pouches and tobacco free snus launched or added to our collection. The competition between leading producers and newcomers increases and so does the pressure to deliver new innovative ideas. As a result, we see new brands and re-designs coming at us each year and in the end, it’s quite difficult to keep up.

We’re here to help!

Observing Trends

The brands found in the New Arrivals category can be both newly launched or a seasonal snus making a comeback, we of course want to inform you whenever there’s an update! Keeping an eye at our new arrivals can be quite fun! Observing current trends on the snus market and following how manufacturers respond with a new product whenever a competitor releases a new flavour. We still see a continuing trend of mint-flavoured snus, an all-time favourite that conjures a refreshing delight through out the day.

Adding new nicotine pouches and tobacco free snus

The new arrivals are frequently updated whenever we add a new product, don’t forget to check it out! Whether you feel like being a risktaker and trying something new or longing for that seasonal snus to return. Before you know it, one or two of these brands may end up on the top 10 bestselling tobacco free snus category, which is updated each month based on customers pick.

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