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Nicotine pouches and tobacco free snus online

Welcome to SnusDirect.eu. This online shop is completely dedicated to nicotine pouches and other tobacco-free snus alternatives. All of our products are available for purchase within the European Union and a selected number of other countries. read more

And every order is packaged and shipped from our Swedish warehouse. If you place your order on weekdays before 11.00 CET we will even send it the same day! Explore our vast selection of tobacco-free alternatives and you won’t be disappointed.

Why no regular snus to the EU?

Unfortunately, the European Union has made it rather difficult for Swedish snus. In short, this means we are prohibited to distribute Swedish snus within the EU. On the other hand, we know that Swedish Match and Gotlandssnus have put in huge efforts to create tobacco and nicotine-free alternatives of the highest quality. It is this type of snus you will be able to purchase here.

Free deliveries within the EU and UK

Whether you live in Copenhagen, Madrid or Pisa you can always order your nicotine pouches from SnusDirect.eu. We guarantee fast delivery with UPS, and its free of charge. Check out the countries we ship to.

When it comes to payment, we offer two card payment options: MasterCard and Visa.

Unfortunately, if you live outside the EU we can only offer shipping to a limited number of other countries, if your country is not in the list at checkout you will not be able to shop here. In that case we refer you to our other online store - Snusdirect.com.

Many years’ experience

SnusDirect.eu is run by ECODI AB whom have many years’ experience in ecommerce and above all, great expertise when it comes to snus. We sold our first cans of snus back in 2010, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2016 that we opened our custom online shop for the European Union. read less

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Free and Fast delivery of Nicotine Pouches to EU and UK

Secure Payments & Quick Deliveries

When you place your order at Snusdirect.eu you will be greeted not only by delicious and high-quality products but also safe payments and speedy deliveries. We understand the importance of fast, traceable shipments which is why the option of tracking is available with both UPS as well as PostNord - two reliable and efficient couriers that will deliver your favourite tobacco free snus anywhere within the EU. Choose between a number of secure payment options at checkout where your information is encrypted through a secure connection via HTTPS/SSL. Our options for payment include card payments (Visa or Mastercard) and Paypal. We also support bankwire transfers for those who prefer that.

We at Snusdirect have been delivering tens of thousands of packages to satisfied customers and snus connoisseurs all around the globe since 2010. In 2016 we shipped our first tobacco and nicotine free package within the EU, and have been expanding our already impressive assortment ever since.

Nicotine Pouches - What is it?

Swedish snus has been around for many years with roots that date as far back as Christopher Columbus travels, but snus has, of course, changed and evolved a lot over the years. The ingenious rise of the nicotine pouch has opened many doors for EU citizens, but what can we expect from these products?

The point of a nicotine pouch is to give you the same experience as with regular snus, minus the tobacco. This is what allows the product to be shipped within the EU! Instead of using tobacco Sweden's snus experts have found a way to implement plant fibres that when mixed with flavours and nicotine provide the same experience as regular snus. To top it all off, these do not discolour your teeth! For those wanting to kick their snusing habits all together, we have completely tobacco and nicotine free products too - all available within the EU.

The EU snus ban

Perhaps you are wondering, first of all, why we do not sell regular snus to your country. Because of the EU snus ban that came into existence in 1992, all websites are prohibited to distribute and sell snus to countries within the EU. While Sweden was exempted from this law back in 95 we are only allowed to manufacture and sell within Sweden, not to any other country within the EU.

Thankfully, huge efforts are being put in by Sweden's snus experts, such as Swedish Match and Gotlandssnus, to create tobacco free snus and nicotine pouches that tastes and feels just like regular Swediish snus. We at Snusdirect.eu have selected what we believe to be the best tobacco and nicotine free products on the market with the highest quality and most authentic taste. Shop brands such as Lyft, Skruf Super White, ZYN, On!, White Fox, Shiro, Nordic Spirit, all in stock for a good price and with express delivery.

The importance of Quality

At Snusdirect.eu we value quality and luckily high quality also means better taste and experience overall. It is important to us that the manufacturers' we work with find this equally important, we therefore only work with the best!

We receive a huge majority of our products from the two most renowned snus manufacturers' in the world, Swedish Match and Gotlandssnus'. Both use very rigid quality controls with strict routines on how these controls are performed before a product leaves their warehouses.

How to use a Nicotine Pouch?

If you have ever tried regular Swedish snus then you'll know what to do here as the principle is the same. But for those of you scratching your heads at your Swedish friends whom frequently place something small under their top lips here is a breakdown for you.

It looks simple enough to snus, sure, but there are a few neat tricks you can use to make the experience less messy if you snus loose, and more flavourful if you snus portion. With our how-to snus guide you will become a professional in no time!

Daily deliveries of fresh tobacco free snus

During weekdays we receive daily deliveries of fresh snus straight from the manufacturer, these are then shipped all around the EU from our warehouse. We are located in a beautiful, small town on the west coast of Sweden called Grebbestad.

One huge perk of snusing nicotine pouches or tobacco and nicotine free snus is that these are extremely long lasting. They don’t even need to be refrigerated!