Fruity Pouches

Fruity Pouches

You can hardly have missed the enormous amounts of flavoured products that are thrown our way on a weekly basis. Personally, I have been quite sceptical about certain flavours, such as fruity ones. Does apple and blood orange really belong anywhere other than in a fruit salad or a smoothie? I have been mostly into the classics that are robust and rich with tobacco taste, but that was before the nicotine pouches came along - changing the game at least for me. But can someone who loves the real deal (that is, the authentic heavily tobacco flavoured Swedish snus product) really enjoy a tobacco free snus pouch that tastes of Apples and Ginger? Absolutely yes, they can. Keep on reading to get the ins and outs of our fruit flavoured assortment!

Our Fruity Nicotine Pouches

Describing a flavour as being fruity can be slightly misleading because fruity flavours can vary enormously in terms of taste; some are sour (like the Lyft Lime Slim), some sweet (like the Zyn Citrus Mini) and some might even be spicy. The type of portion material that has been used, the nicotine content and the portion’s size are all contributing factors to the snus experience and flavour. To help you out, I have had the pleasure of trying out all of our fruity products in order to give you the fairest assessment of their flavour profile.

Bitter Sweet Encounters

With all the berry, rhubarb and lime flavoured products in our assortment there is bound to be a lot of sweet and sour experiences – but aren’t those just the most exciting?

If you have previously been a fan of classic snus products where there is usually a citrus base (bergamot to be more exact) you will feel right at home with the Zyn Slim Citrus Strong or the Zyn Citrus Mini or Zyn Citrus Mini Extra Strong under your lip! These have been inspired by traditional products and contain delicious citrus notes that contribute to freshness, sweetness and of course a little tangy-ness. They are offered in various strengths for your preference.

For an experience that leans more toward the sour side than the sweet there is the hugely popular Lyft Lime Slim, that is offered both at regular and at strong level but that both pack the same authentic and delectable taste of lime. The equally tangy Skruf Super White Slim Red Rhuby has a unique taste of fresh rhubarb as if handpicked from your own garden. Rhubarb, in its excellence, has of course a tart nature but with a perfect touch of sweetness for balance.

Berries make us Swedes feel right at home and most of us can relate to picking berries in the woods such as raspberries and blueberries that seem to grow in abundance around here. The Nordic Spirit True White Bergamot Wildberry delivers a brilliant mix of traditional bergamot together with a sweet and sour wildberry flavour that will put a big smile on your face.

Ice, Ice Baby

We could all use an ice cool kick in the behind every now and then to jumpstart a day, like on a grey Monday morning in October; but that’s not the only reason why the minty products below are so enticing – they also happen to be mouth-wateringly delish. Imagine, for example, black currant as a snus flavour together with cooling menthol – what more could you ever need?

I am of course referring to the brilliant and unequivocally unique Skruf Super White Cassice Slim that has a very genuine taste of black currant (meaning, mostly tart but with a hint of sweetness) together with a crisp and cooling note of menthol. The menthol will wake you right up and gives a little burning sensation under your lip.

Did you know that the most common flavour in traditional snus is tobacco and bergamot (citrus)? We therefore refer to On! Citrus 3 mg and On! Citrus 6 mg as the classic pouches with flavours that really do go way back. The citrus is tart with strings of sweetness but with a modern twist of mint that gives each pouch an icy feel under the lip.

Perhaps you feel that you are done with the citrus era, that you are ready for new cool flavours to rock your boat. A unique berry experience with a fresh taste of mint and blueberries might just be the answer! Upon trying out the Lyft Berry Frost Slim I was half expecting it to be boring but it turned out to be the complete opposite. The taste of Swedish favourites such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries coupled with an ice frosty menthol kick was just what I needed and will remain a personal favourite. So far so good – fruit and berry flavoured pouches really are amazing with some icing on top!

For a milder nicotine kick but still with icy notes of blueberries the Skruf Super White Slim Blackberry is perfect. Imagine freshly picked blueberries on a cold winter’s day, well, this is as close as you will get to the real thing. The minty presence makes your mouth feel fresh and gives a slight burn under your top lip.

A Sweetish Taste

We have already established that some products work great paired with a nice drink and some are perfect after teeth brushing, but there are also some that have a sweeter flavour profile, making them great as after-dinner treats, for example. Of course, these products work for any occasion but can due to their nature be a little extra great for certain situations.

Do you like it sweet but not too sweet? The Zyn Slim Ginger Blood Orange has just the right amount of sweetness with its delicious notes of ginger and blood orange making it both fresh and tasty. Your adventure begins already upon opening this tobacco free can as you are met by a powerful and distinct aroma of ripe blood oranges and fresh ginger.

Some of these flavours really breathe of Swedish origin, such as the Nordic Spirit Elderflower with its authentic taste of elderflower and lightly sweet character. Despite the fact that elderflower is a flower you won’t experience any of the perfume-like notes that are so common with other flowers such as lavender. In Sweden, we are huge fans of this tasty flower and will gladly drink it, eat it and snus it!

You know you are snusing a great product when it makes you feel like you are in a sunbed at a Hawaiian beach with a delicious drink of freshly picked tropical fruits in your hand. The Lyft Tropic Breeze Slim is a snus for those who want a bigger dose of sweetness coupled with a higher nicotine strength.

Tangy, Fresh or Sweet?

It is an impressive selection of products we are privileged to offer to you and an even more remarkable set of manufacturers that stand behind all of them. How on earth are they managing to get these fruity tobacco free products so authentic? Tobacco free snus is becoming increasingly popular and the reasons for this is not only because of the European Union, it is also because of our society’s growing awareness of health and hygiene. So, how do you like your nicotine pouch – tangy, fresh or sweet?

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