Is it possible to buy Swedish Snus to the UK after Brexit?

Snus is not only popular among the Swedes residing in the UK, it is also growing in popularity among the Brits. This is certainly true if you look at English Football players! The days leading up to Brexit pretty much caused our entire snus society to hold its breath in anticipation – would snus now become legal to ship to the UK? The 1st of February sprung upon us and it became quite clear that Swedish Snus won’t become legalized anytime soon in the UK due to tobacco regulations. But luckily, snus giants such as Swedish Match, Skruf and AG Snus have ingeniously found a way to maintain the same authentic Swedish snus feel and experience as the real deal - without tobacco! This innovation is called Nicotine Pouches and can be shipped to the UK.

How do I buy Nicotine Pouches to the UK?

Although there are a few selected shops around the UK that sell tobacco free alternatives, such as nicotine pouches, their assortment is usually poor both in terms of their selection but also in terms of quantity as items are often sold out. These shops can be found By ordering from you are guaranteed not only great selection, but also fresh products and quick deliveries straight to your door. Finding your new favourite has never been easier; on our site you can swiftly navigate according to your preferred flavour, nicotine strength or portion size via categories such as: Newbie Nicotine Pouches , Strong Nicotine Pouches and Different Pouch Flavours among many others! Enjoy the perks of shopping online like being able to search, select and pay from the comfort of your own home. To make matters even better – the shipping is completely free of charge!

Which Nicotine Pouches are Popular in London?

In London, just like in many other places around the globe, strong mint products are extremely popular. The freshness, the cooling effect, the super high comfort and drip-free experience is impossible not to enjoy! But of course, many of these qualities are universal for all nicotine pouches which is what makes these so popular. Gone are the days of teeth discolouration and bad breath! Our bestselling brands include Zyn Nicotine Pouches , Shiro Nicotine Pouches , Lyft and White Fox where you will be greeted by enormous diversity both in terms of flavour, nicotine strength levels and portion format. Choose between flavours that range from sour citrus to salty liquorice and fresh mints together with every combination of nicotine content you can imagine!