Liquorice Pouches

Liquorice Pouches

Liquorice (or licorice, for those who prefer the American spelling) is a flavour I dare say most people are familiar with, one way or another. If you are not a fan, you know a fan! Swedes are seemingly crazy about liquorice and if you ever visit Sweden, be prepared to see this flavour in just about anything - in chewing gum, ice-cream, alcoholic beverages, sweets, snus and even pipe tobacco. It has a sweet and woody profile that really can’t be likened to any other flavour, it must be experienced to understand the complexity behind the taste. Second to mint, liquorice is the most popular flavouring agent used in Swedish snus and was one of the first flavours to be used in nicotine pouches. It has a natural flavour profile that makes the nicotine pouch feel and taste like authentic Swedish snus.

What are Liquorice Nicotine Pouches?

In its natural form, Liquorice doesn’t look very appetizing at all. In fact, you might even mistake it for a broken off twig from a tree. Luckily, most of us only enjoy this delicious delicacy in its processed form. Liquorice can be found at the roots of a surprisingly beautiful plant called Glycyrrhiza glabra which has a lovely blue/white colour with light green petals. In order to get the sweet liquorice character that is known to so many Swedes and that is also found in the On! Liquorice 3 one must extract this from the roots. This is done in a process whereby the liquorice roots are dried, crushed and boiled in water to extract a thick, golden substance. This is then mixed with anise and syrup before being turned into either a dough for sweets or a powder form that is combined with the plant bases used in nicotine pouches such as On!. For a saltier taste, otherwise known as Salmiak, the liquorice is powdered with ammonium chloride which results in products such as the super delicious Lyft Liquorice Slim Strong and other Swedish classics such as Salta Katten and Djungelvrål. Just like in food, salt works as a flavour enhancer giving the liquorice or whichever other flavour is being combined more depth! It is a common misconception that Salmiak and Liquorice are two different words describing the same thing, just like people often assume that anise and liquorice derive from the same plant. It is quite common, however, that liquorice flavoured products do contain traces of anise, such as anise oil, but the anise itself comes from a plant that surprisingly enough looks almost identical to Dill!

Our Luscious List of Liquorice

Liquorice is known for its ability to make tobacco free snus taste, smell and feel like the real deal. I believe this is due to the extra salt level that liquorice typically brings to the table, just like authentic Swedish Snus, which always has a few pinches of added salt in each tobacco mix to heighten the flavour experience. So, if you miss the taste of actual tobacco flavoured Swedish snus you may be surprised at how genuine the liquorice flavoured nicotine pouches (and the nicotine free alternatives) will feel. Anyhow, below are a couple of our bestsellers!

All of Lyft’s products generally sell like ice-cream on a scorching summer’s day and this of course also applies to Lyft Liquorice Slim Strong – it is one of our top sellers and we can definitely see why! The flavour consists of liquorice, obviously, along with hints of anise, salmiak and even kola. This makes the taste slightly sweet, but still on the saltier side due to the salmiak! It is very clever to include all of these flavouring agents as it deepens the flavour experience by a mile. Honestly, this snus is delicious. Should be tried even if liquorice isn’t your thing!

Moving on to On! Liquorice 3mg and On! Liquorice 6mg which is an interesting product because of its unusually long lasting flavour and nicotine release – it is the best we have seen so far! The flavour is of a distinct liquorice character making it neither too sweet nor salty. It is simply a balanced flavour offered at two different strengths; 3mg or 6mg per gram.

But perhaps you wish to skip nicotine completely; maybe you prefer a nicotine free moment right before bedtime, or perhaps you are trying to quit snus entirely? If neither of these are reasons enough for you, then the flavour alone of these next coming products should make you want to try them! The Onico Liquorice and Qvitt Slamiak come from two different manufacturers but both pack delectable flavours along with tobacco and nicotine free contents. Onico has a salty profile with notes of dried figs, and the Qvitt Salmiak is mildly sweet but of course also salty due to the salmiak taste. Uniquely there are also notes of anise, ginseng and green tea making this a stimulating snus without the harmful effects from nicotine!

Are you a liquorice fan?

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