Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit

Ready for a whole new era for snus?

Nordic Snus, creator of Nordic Spirit, is one of few who has introduced a whole new aspect of snus. After two years of research and development, Nordic Snus finally released their new snus July 18th 2018. The new generation was the Nordic Spirit True White, an all white snus completely free of tobacco and with natural plant fibers and nicotine.

A Nordic Touch

The Nordic Spirit True White snus has a boreal touch with a wood design and boreal idiom. A true reminder of Swedish nature, beautiful forests and green landscapes. The two first released products were True White Mint and True White Bergamot Wildberry, they are both unique blends of natural ingredients, nicotine and fresh flavours. The all white portions are ultimate for those worried about discolouring, the snus does not leave stains like traditional snus. The format is known to have an inventive form and the balanced flavours are prepared in a patented process.

The Manufacturer

Nordic Snus AB is one of the largest snus productions in Sweden with brands such as LD, Nordic Spirit and Nordic Storm. A Swedish company with a production line in an old factory dated back to 1432. It is located in Vårgårda and is essential to the small community. Not only does the production take place in an old building, it is also based on some recipes that are hundreds of years old. They have truly combined the old with the new, the factory is a brick house which was renovated with new technology and a modernized touch.

Nordic Snus is part of JTI and the tobacco being used is therefore produced by JTI. As a customer you can therefore be assured it has been produced under good conditions. The suppliers mainly come from India, Serbia, Argentina and Brazil and meet all the demands of being suppliers to JTI. These demands are not just related to the environment, they’re also demands regarding manufacturing and working conditions. Therefore, Nordic Snus never need doubt that the tobacco being delivered is of the highest quality, but Nordic Snus still performs quality checks on delivery. To assure the product meets the demands, the finished products are also tested for quality and flavour.

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