On! Nicotine Pouches

On! Nicotine Pouches

The On! Nicotine pouches launched in 2018 with a wide range of flavours and strengths without tobacco. An all white snus in mini-format and a must try for those longing for a long-lasting snus experience. The pouches are small, white and very discreet, perfect for those looking for the nicotine kick but without the consequences of traditional snus. Since the pouches are all white they leave no discolouration or traces on your lips or teeth, so go ahead and simply enjoy.

Which are the 4 most popular On! Flavours in Europe?

On! Offers a wide selection of flavours that have become bestsellers in Europe. These are delivered in different nicotine strengths ranging from newbie to the more experienced users looking for a strong nicotine pouch to satisfy their craving. These four are the Top On! flavours:

  1. Refreshing Mint - On! Mint is a classic and beloved flavour in nicotine pouches, because who does not like a fresh and clean feeling and at the same time enjoy a nicotine kick that stings comfortably. Refreshing mint flavour in pouches is popular in Europe since users find themselves more energized, the interesting combination of mint and nicotine creates a strong buzz!
  2. Clean Citrus - A winning concept for nicotine pouches in Europe is the Citrus flavour, the mix of sweet and sour is a perfect blend for any occasion! The slightly tart flavour is an awesome side kick to the sweetness and makes the pouch feel fresh and clean but at the same time oh, so tasty! It is no coincidence that citrus is used in refreshing chewing gums and lozenges, so On! Citrus was a natural flavour to add to the On! collection.
  3. Natural Liquorice - Liquorice-flavor in sweets is an extremely popular product in Scandinavia and with On! Liquorice you receive a great introduction to the world of bold, natural tasting liquorice. It gives a dark sensation, perfect as a treat after a light dinner! The rest of Europe truly loves a slice of Scandinavia easily accessed in a pouch.
  4. Sweet Berry - Sweet-tasting pouches such as On! Berries gained popularity on the European market since users find that a delicious sweet pouch is perfect as an after-dinner treat, suitable as a replacement for a heavy dessert! Another reason for the increased popularity is the light buzz which is great for moments of stillness when a strong nicotine kick is not the most important factor.

Why On! Nicotine Pouches?

Unlike traditional snus which is really moist, the On! nicotine pouches are completely dry. The nicotine release is therefore slightly slower but it also means that the snus experience and flavour release is much longer.

On! Nicotine Pouches is produced by the Swedish company Burger Söhne AB. Burger Söhne AB has a passion for preserving the Swedish culture of snus and produces many different brands in a traditional way, and On! Nicotine Pouches is one of the latest additions. One of their highest priorities is ensuring a high-quality standard and optimizing the production process.

Thanks to the fact that you can choose the lower dose of nicotine, the effect is less powerful, and together with the long-lasting taste it becomes easier to cut down on the consumption for your everyday use. On! Nicotine Pouches carry many qualities that you'll find among most mini products on our site, perhaps you can find more favourites via our page that is completely dedicated to Mini Nicotine Pouches!

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