YOYO Nicotine Pouches

YOYO Nicotine Pouches

YOYO nicotine pouches offer a fun experience where you are guaranteed a flavour sensation of highest quality. Each can is designed to represent a city and you’ll find that the flavours within truly symbolize the excitement and unique quality of each city. Get ready for flavours such as zesty chili, tart lime, fresh strawberries and mojito along with classic notes of mint for the user who longs for a frosty notes. Discreet, slim pouches containing all white tobacco free contents are portioned into classy cans that fit perfectly in your pocket. YOYO pouches are the perfect option for anyone looking to enjoy nicotine without anyone the wiser. Of course, nicotine levels range from low to high; presenting an option to every preference. YOYO is the brand that has everything!

Why are YOYO Pouches popular in Europe?

Nicotine pouches have become a huge success on the EU market, for obvious reasons. Since the EU snus ban in 1992 that made regular snus import to EU countries forbidden, nicotine pouches have opened many doors for EU residents looking for nicotine alternatives that are both smoke and tobacco free. Nowadays, there are hundreds of brands within the nicotine pouch category but despite that, YOYO nicotine pouches have since their release in 2020 become a European success thanks to their premium quality, well-composed flavours and pleasant nicotine levels. But what is it that YOYO nicotine pouches offer European pouch fans that make them stand out among the rest?

1. Unique flavours

Just like many other nicotine pouch brands YOYO offers a product for the nicopod user who prefers an icy cool and slightly burning mint pouch. But to appeal to a wider market, YOYO nicotine pouches were also rather ingeniously released in several “never-done-before” flavours that offer extraordinary experiences. Flavours like mojito, chili & chocolate, lime & strawberries are the perfect taste-bud teasers for a day at the office, party or perhaps the beach. In Europe, YOYO is praised for their fun blends of different fruity, minty and natural combinations that exude freshness no matter what your day entails.

2. Stain-free, discreet pouches

EU pouch users are primarily looking for two things: comfort and total discretion. Why comfort is important is seemingly obvious, but discretion? A discreet nicotine pouch, such as YOYO nicotine pouches, makes it possible for users to enjoy the nicotine experience without having to worry about getting the typical lip-bulge that can occur from usage, due to the slim shape of each portion. They also cause no dripping or teeth discolouration thanks to their crystal-white tobacco free contents which means that YOYO can be used anywhere, anytime without anyone the wiser. Feel free to use YOYO at your wedding, a conference or at the pub with friends – no one will know! Sometimes, users look for an even more discreet experience which can be found in our section of mini pouches.

3. Popular nicotine levels

Some brands focus primarily on making extremely strong pouches, which certainly isn’t for everyone. YOYO’s nicotine pouches are aimed for the pouch user who prefers a regular strength pouch but where there is an option to choose one with an extra kick, if the right mood sets. The nicotine strengths range from 9 mg/g – 15 mg/g and are both efficient and pleasant in their release rate but more importantly, long-lasting. Very strong brands include Ace pouches and White Fox – where most products come in over 15 mg/g.

4. Superior quality

This factor is important because it goes hand in hand with the others above. Poor quality means less efficient nicotine release, unsatisfactory flavour experiences, discomfort, and less durability. With YOYO nicotine pouches every step has been taken toward producing a high-quality pouch for you and with figures like snus master Conny Andersson as part of the equation this line up was bound to turn out successful!

Who manufactures YOYO Nicotine Pouches?

YOYO nicotine pouches are the first brand to be released from Nordic Noir Holding – a relatively new manufacturer in the field of nicotine pouches. Each YOYO product has been developed by a passionate team of nicotine pouch experts in close collaboration with another known figure in the snus world; namely, Conny Andersson. Conny Andersson is the figure behind many successful products, but with YOYO nicotine pouches he his dipping his toes in the nicotine pouch field for the very first time! The man truly knows his way around the perfect blends.

By developing a product like YOYO, Nordic Noir Holding are putting pressure on other manufacturers that are equally driven by innovation and a true passion for smoke-free alternatives. YOYO has proven to be the perfect tobacco free alternative and has been manufactured to appeal, to a broad audience, all while focus on quality has been kept in place. According to the manufacturer quality and flavour/nicotine experience go hand in hand – and with YOYO you can expect only the best! Headquarters are located in Hong Kong, but other offices can be found all over Europe!

Who is YOYO for?

YOYO is the nicotine pouch brand to look for if you wish to substitute regular snus for a pouch with stain-free properties and discreet white bags that produce no dripping, but instead exude delicious flavours portioned into beautiful can designs – because those matter too. YOYO nicotine pouches have - thanks to their satisfying nicotine release rate - become hugely popular among European smokers who are trying to kick their bad habits. But above anything else, YOYO offers a luxurious tobacco-free experience that begins the moment you open a can and place one of their aromatic, white pouches under your lip. Which will you choose: strawberry & lime, mojito or a classic mint? Scroll between these and many more below!

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