An Authentic snus Experience

Qvitt is a snus that is both nicotine and tobacco free. In fact it is actually classified as a food under Swedish law. Only the best ingredients are used in Gotlandssnus products and Qvitt is no exception. The base ingredient of Qvitt snus is carrot fibres, making it instantly healthier than other snus brands. Containing ginseng, green tea, and fluoride, the aim of Qvitt snus is to provide an increase in concentration, create an energy kick and also improve the cleanliness of teeth. In addition to this, Qvitt comes in a range of different flavours. Traditional snus flavours, such as citrus and bergamot, fresh mint, and delicious black liquorice are timeless classics, and those switching to Qvitt can rest assured that they will still enjoy a broad range of snus flavours that are a feast for the taste buds.

All of these factors improve the ability of snus in helping to quit nicotine in a more pleasant way, and is aimed at those wanting a more hygienic and healthy option. In this ever careful and health conscious world, Qvitt is providing a product that fits that bill. Many users who are trying to quit nicotine won’t even notice that Qvitt is a nicotine free product as it still offers a strong kick and an excellent flavour.

Qvitt is packaged in elegantly designed containers that are visually pleasing and easy to handle. There is a choice of the original portion for those who enjoy a larger size snus or a mini portion for those who like their snus to sit more snugly under the lip. Qvitt is a versatile brand with options to suit all snus users.

Qvitt, the brand

Owned by Gotlandssnus, the company launched in 2002 and became one of the fastest growing companies of the day. Founded by Henrik Jakobsson, the company began life in his kitchen where he envisioned producing a top class snus. Now the company produces at least 10,000 cans of snus every single day. Gotlandssnus has become an international brand and is now sold in the US, Asia and Europe. With four generations of knowledge behind their snus creations, they are worthy competitors. They offer a wide range of snus products including those for both nicotine and tobacco users, and also products for those who are trying to quit. Their most famous brand might in fact be the popular Jakobsson but with the arrival of Qvitt on the scene, this title may now have been challenged.

The Qvitt brand came about in 2014, due in part to the change in public perception about tobacco and nicotine intake. With so many people enjoying snus it became important to find a way to help people to quit nicotine but in an easier, less invasive manner. Thus Qvitt was born. With the same texture, look and feel of original snus, it can be hard to tell that it doesn’t have any nicotine present. With Gotlandssnus’ use of only high quality ingredients in their snus products it is hardly surprising that this should be the case.

For those trying to quit using snus or nicotine products, they will be hard pressed to find anything better than Qvitt by Gotlandssnus. Its unique flavour and texture is almost identical to nicotine snus. Qvitt can only be told apart from other snus products by the most discerning customer. For those that still need a little pouch of something under their lip before being able to quit completely, Qvitt is an ideal product.

With the added bonuses of mental stimulation and of oral hygiene, there is practically no downside to using this product. However it should be noted that due to the presence of ginseng as one of the main ingredients, those who are pregnant are advised against using this product. Qvitt snus has a shelf life of about six months, but it can be kept for longer when refrigerated.

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