Onico is the result of a wish to create the perfect pouch with all the right qualities to give a pleasant sensation under the lip. One hundred percent feeling. One hundred percent flavour. But with zero percent nicotine.

Pure pleasure - entirely in its own right

The perfect pouch, just like the one you are already used to; yet entirely different. At first it was an aid to those wishing to reduce their nicotine consumption, but it turned into something much bigger – a whole new flavour sensation.

Perhaps it was a crazy idea. Was it really possible to replicate the unique sensation of a flavoursome snus, but without the main ingredients? Yes, but the road to success was long. It took years of research and development. The white coats, flavour and food experts, engineers and production technicians – they needed time. Time to test, grind, soak, evaluate, re-evaluate and control. But in 2008 it was done. A whole new nicotine-free sensation based on plant fibers now saw the light of day for the first time. It was given the name Onico, based on wordplay of its contents – 0 percent nicotine.

But is it really good? Yes, we promise. It has plant fibers seasoned with carefully chosen flavours, intricately combined to give you that familiar experience and with a slight tingling under the lip. Zero percent nicotine, but with one hundred percent feeling. Pretty amazing, don't you think?

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