Sirius Nicotine Pouches

Sirius Nicotine Pouches

With a Sirius nicotine pouch under your lip, you are guaranteed an intense experience you have not had before. These pouches offer a high level of nicotine, 8mg per pouch and 16 mg/g, rich flavours, and a formidable pouch format. They are made of high quality and carefully formulated flavours. Whether you prefer a nicotine pouch that is fruity or minty Sirius can offer you a wonderful pouch with raw power.

Which nicotine pouch users will enjoy these products?

When Sirius first released their nicotine pouches, they overtook Europe way faster than the Roman Empire ever could, and they have reached even further. Sirius nicotine pouches are not only popular in the UK, but they have also become widely appreciated all over the European market. But what makes Sirius pouches so popular in the EU, and who chooses a Sirius nicotine pouch? 

  1. The strong nicotine user - Sirius nicotine pouches contain a high level of nicotine, 8 mg per pouch, 16mg/g, which is one of the strong reasons for the love they have received from the European market. They are therefore considered to be strong nicotine pouches and to add to their strength they are covered in nicotine extract to give off a strong nicotine kick at the beginning of usage, making it particularly popular in Scandinavia. Sirius Nicotine Pouches are not ideal for the newbie nicotine user.
  2. The discreet user -  Sirius nicotine pouches are usually the more favourable pouch considering their functions - they are stain-free, usually slim, and all-white. These functions enable discreet usage for everyone, and they are easy to use Sirius took it a step further and made their slim nicotine pouches long-lasting which means they release nicotine and flavour in a consistent manner for a longer period of time. They are somewhat dry, which usually means that they do not release as strong of a nicotine kick that a moist pouch would, but these pouches still do due to the added nicotine extract on the outside of them.
  3. The lover of intense flavours - Sirius nicotine pouches are known for their strong and intense flavours, a quality that makes people all over Europe so smitten by them, such as their powerful mint or menthol pouch, a perfect choice for someone wanting that extra intense flavour. Sirius flavours are highly concentrated and are therefore very potent, to ensure that the entire experience of their nicotine pouches, whether it’s their fruity pouches or their minty pouches, stays true to the powerful quality of the entire product. There is a flavour for every occasion and Sirius is here to offer them in a more concentrated form.

Who manufactures Sirius nicotine pouches?

Sirius nicotine pouches are produced in Denmark by the Danish company AG Snus. AG Snus was founded all the way back in 1864 and first began producing smokeless tobacco, both snus and chewing tobacco. It is only recently, when AG snus noticed an increase demand from European nicotine users for a cleaner and more discreet form of smoke free nicotine products. And once they did produce their Sirius nicotine pouches Europe stood in awe – Sirius was met with instant adoration.

Why choose Sirius Nicotine Pouches?

Unlike regular nicotine pouches, Sirius offers strength in a dry pouch with the instant release of nicotine and intense flavours while also lasting for a long time. But what are some other reasons why Sirius nicotine pouches are the number one choice among European nicotine users?

  • Sirius pouches give you the ultimate experience of strength and longevity - a combination that is not very common but greatly appreciated by former smokers, ex-snus users, and nicotine pouch users looking for the extra addition to perfect the experience.
  • A flavour for every occasion – Sirius Ice Cold Slim is wonderful when you long for a fresh and clean feeling in your mouth after a meal or a cup of coffee, while Sirius Cold Classic Slim is an ideal option if you are seeking a classic taste of bergamot, a taste that is commonly found in traditional snus types.  
  • Functional and beautiful cans – Sirius pouch cans are very practical to hold both your unused pouches inside the can and your used pouches in its lid, to enable an easier nicotine pouch experience and always at hand in your pocket. Since you will be using and looking at the can frequently, the design is more important than one might first believe, so it is a relief that they are simplistic and colourful with a fun and beautiful print.

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