77 Nicotine Pouches

Are you looking for the ultimate all white experience? This is it. Besides from offering one of the most diverse ranges of flavour you can imagine, 77 also hit the sweet spot with their nicotine levels. Switch up, switch down, mix and match – do whatever suits you best! Nicotine levels range from newbie pouches with 3 mg/g up to strong levels where previous nicotine experience is required for they reach 20 mg/g. Every 77 pouch comes with a set of advantages – completely invisible usage, stain-free flavour release, rejuvenating sensation, and a high-quality nicotine delivery. The flavour release is not only tobacco and stain-free, but also long lasting! Flavours range from different types of mint to peach, apple, strawberries, and even classic tobacco.

77 Nicotine Pouches and the European demand

Nicotine pouches are, just like traditional snus, a product of consumer demand. What consumers want - manufacturers make. It is therefore not entirely surprising that 77 nicotine pouches have so quickly become popular on the EU market. With an attentive manufacturer in the lead, 77 has become a brand that offers EU pouch users exactly what they want:

  1. 1. Discreet, slim pouches - This has become particularly popular to the modern nicotine user who wants an invisible experience, shielded from curious eyes and questions. Europeans are throwing away their cigarette packs for a 77 nicotine experience that can be used anywhere; at your wedding recital, on the plane, at meetings – even on your first date!
  2. 2. Quick onset of nicotine - The immediate release of nicotine is an important factor, not only because it gives a rejuvenating, energizing sensation but because it can help suppress a cigarette craving. In combination with mint, the quick nicotine release can feel awakening, refreshing, and powerful – even when it isn’t coupled with a strong nicotine content. With 77 nicotine pouches, you can choose between strong mint pouches and low-level mint pouches; let your mood decide!
  3. 3. Innovative and unique flavours -  When mint was first released, it was certainly a unique flavour since everything before-hand had only had pure tobacco flavour. As mint became a huge success, manufacturers would begin working on new flavours with even more unique qualities to them. At 77, the team behind every delectable flavour thought long and hard about what their consumers want before producing their two first series. The result? Flavours such as Raspberry, Black currant, tobacco free tobacco taste, and forest fruits were released only to become popular all over the EU.
  4. 4. High quality - It doesn’t matter how unique your flavours are, how high your nicotine content is or how quickly the two are released under the upper lip. Without quality, the product will get nowhere. A fact that 77 has taken very seriously! Every 77 pouch has been produced using Swedish standards for snus and nicotine pouches, leaving nothing to chance but everything to the experience. Thanks to 77’s high quality users will enjoy incredible pouch comfort, beautiful and practical can designs as well as long-lasting flavours.

All of which are contributing factors to 77’s almost immediate rise to our bestselling list!

Who manufactures 77 pouches?

77 nicotine pouches are produced in Poland, at Tobacco Concept Factory who have many years’ experience in the field of oral tobacco; experience that has been used in the making of 77 nicotine pouches. Since 77 is a brand aimed at the modern nicotine user (or rather, the user wishing to rid him/herself of possible side-effects from tobacco usage) it is quite fitting that the makers of 77 use modern, high-end technology along with innovative thinking and top quality ingredients in their production process. Modern, sleek, and chic are the three attributes that are present from beginning to end! Although all production takes place in Poland, only Swedish standards for production have been followed which means quality follows the same high standard as with classic Swedish brands that have been around for over 100 years!

Is the brand 77 for me?

77 nicotine pouches is for anyone who looks for discreet, sleek cans that are easy to bring anywhere and that carry a content that is equally practical to use. 77 pouches are produced to satisfy a huge demand stemming from European users who seek smoke free options that contain light, fresh flavours, varying nicotine strengths and user-friendly formats. Each slim portion of a 77 pouch can easily be slipped in unnoticed and will produce juicy flavours that neither stain your teeth nor cause bad breath, something that is replacing the conspicuous cigarette more and more in Europe. The cigarette vs nicotine pouch swap is due to many reasons, one being the increasing amount of regulations making smoking a difficult task and the other, more significant reason, being the increased hygiene awareness in society. Using a crystal white 77 pouch is simply more hygienic than a tobacco product - try it and see for yourself!

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