Qvitt Wild Mint

Tobacco & nicotine free
Qvitt Wild Mint
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Manufacturer: Gotlandssnus

Model: Tobacco & nicotine free

Weight / Snus: 35.00 g / 0.00 g

Strength: Free

Qvitt Wild Mint is a tobacco and nicotine free product with flavors from nature. With ingredients such as green tea, carrot fibre and Panax Ginseng, combined to create the perfect fresh sensation and taste. A natural and mild minty smell floats out when you open the can and appeals to your craving senses. To stand out from the more traditional snus flavors, Gotlandssnus chose an element of wild herbs and spices to establish the wild minty flavour. It is known for its fresh sensation in the Qvitt-family.

The pouches are easy to handle when placing them under your lip and adjusts perfectly. They are soft, adaptable and have just the right amount of moisture. A tobacco- and nicotine-free product that feels very much like snus with the perfect size and content, long lasting flavor and a lovely texture that fits perfectly under your lip. What can possibly be better than a taste of Gotland's nature after a stressful day when you are in most need of some relaxation, or perhaps as a refreshing minty addition after your coffee.

Gotlanssnus started their incredible journey 2002 when the founder had a great idea and began manufacturing snus at home in his own kitchen. Behind all this hard work to create one of the biggest Swedish snus brands, was a vision of accomplishing the impossible. Sticking to traditional snus at first but then spreading the wings and creating tobacco and nicotine free products such as Qvitt. A new kind of snus that lifts your spirit and improves oral hygiene. There can hardly be any better conditions to quit snus than to do it with the help of snus.

OBS! Not recommended for those pregnant or breastfeeding since it contains ginseng.

Declaration of content
Water, green tea, carrot fiber, aromas, acidity regulator (E500), flavour enhancer (common salt), humectant (E1520), panax ginseng, fluorine.

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