LOOP Salty Ludicris

Slim Nicotine Pouches
LOOP Salty Ludicris
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Manufacturer: Another Snus Factory

Model: Slim Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 15.00 g

Strength: 10mg/g

Salt plays a huge role in traditional Swedish snus, so it isn’t entirely unsurprising that it is sought-after in the nicotine pouch category too. The LOOP Salty Ludicris Slim Normal has a salty liquorice character that uniquely paired with notes the taste of freshly picked raspberries. The combination liquorice and raspberries is not a new phenomenon to Swedes if you look at their candy selection, but it is the first combination to be tried in a nicotine pouch. The combination works like a charm! Salty sweetness meets in a perfect union that will have your taste buds dance with delight.

The slim bags feel custom-made under your upper lip all while exuding flavour and nicotine with great ease. The nicotine content weighs in around 10 mg/g, which is slightly higher than regular strength but without being classified as a strong product. Regular strength typically falls under 8 mg/g, but this product offers in many ways a gentle but firm experience.

At Another Snus Factory, where LOOP is currently being manufactured, it is important with high quality experiences both when it comes to the flavour but also the pouch feel and nicotine release. LOOP’s first lineup of six unique flavours has certainly caused quite the stir, we can only hope the next product we see offers equally excellent quality and taste.

Declaration of content
fibers, water, erythritol, nicotine, aromas, acidity regulator (E500), humectant (E401), citric acid (E330), sweetener (E950), salt, preservative (E202).

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