On! Coffee 3

Nicotine Pouches
On! Coffee 3
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Manufacturer: Burger Söhne AB

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 28.00 g / 6.40 g

Strength: 3 mg/pouch or 9.5 mg/g

Are you tired of mint flavoured nicotine pouches? Do you want to explore new options? We are happy to present to you the On! Coffee 3 which brings you a tasty coffee flavour where sweetness meets the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans together with a creamy feel. You don’t even have to be a coffee fan to enjoy a well-made treat like this!

The nicotine strength lies around the 9.5 mg per gram mark, which makes this only slightly stronger than a regular strength nicotine product. Regular strength usually weighs in at 8 mg/g, for comparison. With all-white dry pouches you can expect a long lasting flavour and nicotine release, that is being evenly released throughout. The can design makes you think of a creamy latte, with its light brown colours and white background. It is also the perfect pocket-shape with a rectangular profile rather than the typical round format.

Burger Söhne AB is part of the Berger Söhne group which is part of a concern that manufactures cigars, Al Capone Snus and On! Nicotine pouches. They have been active since 1864 but have only recently began producing nicotine pouches for our enjoyment!

Nicotine 3 mg/portion, Content/box 6,5 g

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