On! Mint 6

Nicotine Pouches
On! Mint 6
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Manufacturer: Burger Söhne AB

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 28.00 g / 6.40 g

Strength: 6 mg/pouch or 19 mg/g

I believe it's fair to assume that most snusers have at least tried a mint product at some point in their history of snusing. I also believe most of them have realized how truly great mint can be in a snus! For instance, when you have brushed your teeth there is nothing better than a minty snus to give you an extra fresh feeling, and one that doesn't completely clash with that already minty presence in your mouth. The On! Mint 6 is a flavoursome product that has a delicious taste of mint, which, believe it or not, is also completely tobacco free!

The pouch sachets allow for both an optimal comfort and a prolonged flavour and nicotine release. The shape has a slim format that gives a discreet impression under your lip, as well as a custom made feel for the snuser. The contents are tobacco free and therefore completely white, this means no more teeth discolouration or annoying runniness.

This product packs a neat 6mg/portion of nicotine, which works really well with the mint flavour. But should you for some reason feel like snusing a slightly lighter product, you can find the exact same flavour with a lower nicotine content – the On! Mint 3.

Nicotine 6 mg/portion, Content/box 6,5 g

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