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White Fox Black Slim

All White Nicotine Pouches
White Fox Black Slim
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Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Model: All White Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 15.00 g

Strength: 30-34 mg/g

Any lover of White Fox’s products will be a lover of this! The White Fox Black Slim offers unique notes of dark “tobacco” taste together with a fresh and slightly sweet hint of rose. Flower-flavoured products tend to be overly perfume-like in their aroma, but that isn’t the case here. Get ready to enjoy balanced strings of rose that will leave a sensation of both freshness, sweetness and a powerful nicotine experience.

Being a nicotine pouch product of course means being completely tobacco free and without the possibility of brown discolouration on your teeth. So, besides from being more discreet and less runny – what else is great about White Fox Black’s portions? Each portion is wrapped in a fleece-like material that exudes flavour and nicotine more efficiently than traditional portion material. Not only that, but the pouch material gives an incredibly soft feel which means you’ll hardly notice it under your lip! The nicotine content lands around 30-34 mg/g which means this is a very strong product!

Gajane Gross AB are huge in the tobacco industry, and manufacture bestsellers such as Oden’s, Siberia and White Fox that are sold all over the globe.

Special offer - Order 10 cans and get 2 extra for free!

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Tony A.
October 25, 2020
ok,but not the best of Fox...
as one reviewer said earlier, i do not think it is even near 30mg at strength.. feels more like the other Fox snuses, so i'd think it's around 18mg at max. it kinda has a smoky rose taste, or similar. It's not the worst of the nicotine snusses for sure, but not the best either. Fox as a brand is top quality in my books, their other tastes are among the best, but this time they might have missed a bit. might have helped if they had hadded some vanilla or/and rum taste on this one, and it would be A LOT better. nevertheless, i do not regret of buying this, cause i wanted to test it out. I have tested all the flavours on Fox label, and in general, they are top quality.
colin taylor
October 21, 2020
lacks taste.
No taste. Boring.
Kai Wilding
August 2, 2020
Fox Black Edition
It is not strong for 34mg nicotine. And the taste is horrible, like a rose - smooky barbecue - mix