Dip Mix Fresh Island

24 gram
Dippmix Garlic
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Manufacturer: Orkla Confectionery

Model: 24 gram

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There is a lot more to the perfect dip mix than just a nice flavour. You need it to be perfectly creamy but with the right thickness to be scoop-able by your favourite brand of crisps, and not produce a runny drip that lands in your lap. OLW’s aromatic Fresh Island Dip delivers on all points! Prepare to have your taste buds jolted by flavourful notes of pepper along with intense strokes of garlic, both blending perfectly along with most crisp brands.

The past part is that if you are cutting down on carbs, this dip mix will offer an equally delicious experience together with some crisp veggies or as a side-dish to some freshly grilled meat. So, how do you achieve the creamy result you long for? You simply mix the powdery contents with 3 dl of sour cream, stir meticulously, and wait for it to cool and settle in the fridge for a while before digging in.

OLW’s many years’ experience in the field of not only crisps but also dip mixes certainly shines through from beginning to end with each one of the dip mix offerings.

Declaration of content
MILK SUGAR, modified starch, salt, onion, sugar, maltodextrin, garlic, yeast extract, GRAY POWDER, spice, leek, parsley, aroma (contains MILK).

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