Ferarri Original

Ferarri Original
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Ferrari Original - You will not need a driver’s license for these delicious gelatine Ferrari cars, and you will not have to spend a fortune for them either. This yummy Danish candy tastes of sweet raspberries and it is shaped like Ferrari Formel 1 racing cars, a shape cherished by both young and old.

These car-shaped candies are loved in all of Scandinavia, EU and in the UK, and have been for a very long time. Ferarri Original has a hard surface hiding a soft and somewhat chewy content, with a divine taste of raspberries that makes this candy a perfect choice on any occasion.

The Danish company Toms is the manufacturer of Ferrari Original, and this is, by far, their most popular product. Toms was founded as a chocolate factory back in 1924 by the pharmacists Hans Trojer and Victor Hans Meyer but they sold their chocolate as a side item in their apothecary, not daring to dream of the success their company would reach one day.  


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