HARIBO Nappar Frukt

HARIBO Nappar Frukt
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HARIBO Nappar Frukt (HARIBO Pacifiers Fruit) is one of the most beloved candies in Sweden, with its fruity flavour and chewy consistency. There is seldom a Saturday night in a Swedish family without a bag of HARIBO Nappar, and that has been the standard since they launched in Sweden in 1961. 

These sweet and fruity gelatine candies are divine, and their fun shape makes the entire experience of them enjoyable. Their flavour is amazing and their texture is chewy, they are just like a good gummy candy should be.

HARIBO was founded in 1920 by Hans Riegel, and as soon as their first product, Goldbears, was launched the demand for them increased, and they soon realised that they needed better delivery methods. In 1923 they invested in their first car. An investment greatly appreciated by Gertrude Rigel, wife of the founder and first employee, who had been delivering the candy every day by bike.

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