ZYN Mini Dry Espressino 6 mg

Nicotine Pouches
ZYN Mini Dry Espressino 6 mg
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 30.00 g / 8.00 g

Strength: 11 mg/g

This is a nicotine pouch for the experienced user who loves a great nicotine kick coupled with the taste of freshly roasted coffee in the morning with hints of chocolate, nougat and vanilla. The flavour is difficult to put into words – it simply has to be experienced! Coffee flavour is popular not only for nicotine pouches but in all sorts of categories like candy, drinks, desserts and chewing gum. But so far, the Zyn Espressino Mini Dry 6 mg is our favourite!

If you give the slim white pouch a second or two to moisten up under your lip, you will be greeted by a fast and steady release of nicotine. This is followed by its delicious flavour that pairs so well with a neat nicotine kick. Its strength weighs in around 1.5% of nicotine – making this an extra strong product. But do not fret if you are a snus newbie, this exact flavour is available to you in a low-nicotine format too!

Do you want a discreet nicotine experience? Then nicotine pouches are for you. Zyn, specifically, are hugely popular all over Europe and have can be used without having to worry about teeth discolouration – their portion bags stay white before, under and after usage.

Declaration of content
Fillers (E 965, E 460, E 414), acidity regulators (E 500), stabilizers (E 463), nicotine, flavorings, sweeteners (E 950).

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