Liquorice MixPack

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Liquorice MixPack
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Model: Slim Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 190.00 g / 70.90 g

Strength: 8 mg/g, 12 mg/g, 16.5 mg/g, 14 mg/g, 18 mg/g

It is easy to assume that all liquorice flavoured pouches will taste the same, but this simply isn’t true. Liquorice flavour can vary enormously and when it comes to nicotine pouches there are usually many elements that affect your flavour experience. Some products contain mint for a fresher and cleaner experience; some contain caramel for a sweeter experience; and some contain anise for a saltier experience. Which combination is your favourite? With our Liquorice MixPack you now have the unique opportunity to try all our bestsellers in one go in search of your perfect liquorice pouch! These 5 products are included in our Liquorice mix-pack:

  • Skruf Super White Slim Nordic #2 – A delicious liquorice flavoured product with a cooling mint twist that gives a huge dose of freshness all day. This is unified by 8 mg/g of nicotine!
  • Skruf Super White Slim Polar #3 – This is a powerful product with strong notes of menthol and eucalyptus combined with notes of liquorice for a salty yet refreshing experience together with 12 mg/g of nicotine.
  • On! Licorice 6 – Here, you will be greeted by an earthy and natural liquorice character that has a slightly higher salt level than your regular liquorice product. The nicotine level lands at around 16.5 mg/g which is considered strong!
  • LYFT Liquorice Slim Strong – This product is one the most uniquely flavoured products in our assortment. Here, you are met by not only a delicious and natural liquorice taste but also with strings of sweet and creamy caramel, salty anise and an extra strong nicotine kick of 14 mg/g.
  • Ace Liquorice Mint Slim White – This is a product that exudes excellence. Its taste is packed with notes of mint and sweetness from the liquorice character and is rounded off with a super high 18 mg/g of nicotine.
  • Each pack has been created in order to give you a chance to try out different strengths, flavours and formats in search for your new favourite. For this reason, packs are limited to one per order every 10 days!

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