Nordic Spirit Mini Elderflower

Mini Nicotine Pouches
Nordic Spirit Mini Elderflower
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Manufacturer: Nordic Snus AB

Model: Mini Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 36.00 g / 7.00 g

Strength: 9 mg/g or 3 mg/portion

What does Nordic Spirit Mini Elderflower taste like? If you are Swedish you know all about elderflower as you are likely to have grown up with it during summers accompanied by a freshly baked kanelbulle, strawberries or just as a cooling lemonade on a hot day. You might also recognize it from your favourite chewing gum brand, your pick n’ mix candy bowl or even as a decorative flower on the table. But for those who don’t know – elderflower (sv. fläder) is a picturesque flower with flavours that tease your taste buds through strokes of both sweetness and a tart aftertaste. Its character will remind you of honeysuckle coupled with hints of green apples. In other words, it is delicious!

But what makes Nordic Spirit Elderflower such a popular nicotine pouch? First of all, it is tobacco free which on today’s market is both attractive and practical. Attractive because it offers discreet usage much thanks to its small, slim size that makes it invisible under the lip but also because it can be shipped within the EU. Practical since it maintains a more hygienic mouthfeel; each pouch remains white before, during and after usage just like your teeth. And typical snus breath? All gone! The nicotine content lands around 8,57 mg/g which is around regular level. If you prefer your bags slightly larger than mini you’ll be happy to hear that this beautiful product exists in slim format.

Nordic Spirit is relatively new on the market but have already established a huge client base all over the world!

Declaration of content
Fillers (E965, E460), chewing gum base, nicotine, acidity regulator (500), aromas, humectant (1520).

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April 5, 2021
I don't like this flavor
It's a shame because all Nordic Spirit products are my favorites, but this flavor for me is not. Matter of taste ..