Swave Cafetini

Slim Nicotine Pouches
Swave Cafetini
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Manufacturer: Gotlandssnus

Model: Slim Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 36.00 g / 16.00 g

Strength: 10.6 mg/pouch

Swave Cafetini has a distinct taste of lovely coffee and a sweet caramel syrup ready at any time in your pocket, these nicotine pouches are here to take your love of coffee to a whole new level.

Swave Cafetini has a nicotine level of 14 mg/g, which is 10,6mg per pouch, which means they are considered strong. The moist content of the pouches gives Swave Cafetini an instant release of nicotine, a so-called nicotine kick, which means they will bring a powerful experience from start to finish. These pouches are dry to the touch which means they have minimal dripping and are long-lasting, they are also slim to enable discreet usage for every occasion.

The lids on nicotine pouches and portion snus cans are specifically designed to hold your used pouches and to be emptied after a day, always in the trash, never in nature, but they can also be used to save a pouch or portion if you do not wish to keep it in for a long time or if you wish to enjoy some food or a beverage in between. It is recommended to clean the lid out if you wish to reuse a pouch.

Declaration of content
Fibers, water, erythritol, nicotine, aromas, acidity regulator (E500), humectant (E401), citric acid (E330), sweetener (E950), salt, preservative (E202).

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