On! Coffee 6

Nicotine Pouches
On! Coffee 6
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Manufacturer: Burger Söhne AB

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 28.00 g / 6.40 g

Strength: 6 mg/pouch or 19 mg/g

With the On! Coffee 6 you will enjoy delicious notes of freshly roasted coffee together with a touch of sweetness and a creamy finish. If you have ever enjoyed a Frappuccino before you will feel right at home with the On! Coffee which is offered at two different strengths!

Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would be enjoying coffee flavoured, tobacco free snus products? Nicotine pouches are truly revolutionary both in terms of their discrete nature and comfort level, but also because they make it possible for EU residents to enjoy snus! The all-white contents prevent any form of dripping or discolouration on your teeth while still providing you with an efficient nicotine release! The nicotine strength comes in at 19 mg/g, which is a lot higher than what you would call regular strength. A great product for the experienced nicotine user!

At Burger Söhne they value high standards, great flavour, high comfort and affordability – values that are evidently being maintained.

Nicotine 6 mg/portion, Content/box 6,5 g

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