Flavour MixPack

Slim Nicotine Pouches
Flavour MixPack
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Model: Slim Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 190.00 g / 65.60 g

Strength: 14 mg/g, 12 mg/g, 10 mg/g, 16.5 mg/g, 10 mg/g

Do you love flavours in all shapes, forms and strengths? Then this Flavour MixPack with our more unusual flavours will have your taste buds dance with delight. This mixpack offers a fun mix of sour flavours, sweet flavours, traditional flavours and downright creamy flavours. The strength levels vary somewhat and are not for the most sensitive nicotine users out there but will give the experienced user a run for their money! The following products are included in this 5-pack:

  • Lyft Urban Vibe – A nicotine pouch for the connoisseur! Within this can you will find fruity notes of red berries and cranberries that form a lovely sweet profile with a smooth feel. The nicotine content lands at a handsome 14 mg/g, in other words, strong.
  • Skruf Super White Solbaer – This product has a unique flavour with a sweet yet tart taste of black currant. Much like its predecessor Skruf Cassice. This is much stronger, however, and contains 12 mg/g of nicotine.
  • Shiro Virginia Classic – The first product to ever contain tobacco flavour without the presence of tobacco! The tobacco character is accompanied by a natural sweetness. This is a gentle product that is easy to keep under your lip for along time, thanks to its calm nature. The can contains 10 mg/g of nicotine.
  • On! Coffee 6 – Do you love frapuccino? We do and that’s why we love the On! Coffee from Burger Söhne. It has a creamy profile with a distinct taste of freshly roasted coffee. The sweetness together with the coffee makes this a delish after-dinner treat. The 16.5 mg/g of nicotine is sure to wake you right up in the morning!
  • Nordic Spirit Berry - A super fresh product with a sweet yet tart note of berries together with the type of freshness only achieved from notes of citrus. This is a strong product with around 14 mg/g of nicotine per can.
  • Each pack has been created in order to give you a chance to try out different strengths, flavours and formats in search for your new favourite. For this reason, packs are limited to one per order every 10 days!

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