Shiro Cool Mint 4mg

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Shiro Cool Mint 4mg

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Manufacturer: AG Snus

Model: Slim Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 12.00 g

Strength: 4 mg/pouch

Now in 4 mg/pouch! The incredibly popular Shiro Cool Mint contains the same delicious and icy cool flavour that we are already familiar with and love from before. Shiro Cool Mint is one of our bestselling flavours and it is easy to see why! The flavour contains refreshing notes of peppermint that is combined with cooling hints of menthol – a blend that is likely to produce a nice sting under your upper lip!

You can hardly believe the comfort of Shiro’s nicotine pouches – soft to the touch, slim in shape and discreet in usage. Shiro is known for having some of the most discreet pouches on the market! A trait that is, of course, extremely important since you will be spending a lot of time with this pouch under your lip. The nicotine content comes in at 4 mg/pouch, which is slightly above normal strength, and will suit the beginner as well as the experienced user looking to wind down or simply cut down the nicotine usage.

Shiro is produced by one of Sweden’s leading producers of snus and nicotine pouches – AG snus. At their factory, quality is top priority along with a great team spirit, innovation, passion, and ambition.

Declaration of content
Fillers (E460), water, humectants (E422), flavor enhancers (saline), nicotine, aromas, acidity regulators (E500), preservatives (E202),

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April 6, 2021
Sand paper and toothpaste
The pouch is really rough on the gums, tastes like toothpaste. Not ordering Shiro products again.
February 27, 2021
Menthol lover
Here you go if you like menthol with a decent 4mg and instantly kick but not crazy burnt plus taste good and fresh too. Free shipping to Finland yay!
February 10, 2021
Super cool, instant kick!
The best pouch you can order to Finland. Instant burst of cool mint with strong kick and burn. Lasts really long. Cannot recommend enough!