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Shiro True North 4mg

Slim Nicotine Pouches
Shiro True North 4mg

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Manufacturer: AG Snus

Model: Slim Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 12.00 g

Strength: 4 mg/pouch

Shiro True North 4mg is truly a unique nicotine pouch with a mint character that is quite different to other mints. At the front and center of Shiro True North resides a delicious wintergreen taste that contains many similar qualities to regular mint; such as a cooling sensation, freshness and an awakening sensation. The wintergreen together with frosty notes of menthol makes this the perfect go-to pouch! The flavour profile in Shiro True North is rich, full-bodied and deep but with a crisp finish that thanks to the menthol feels extra strong and powerful.

The nicotine content lands around 4mg per pouch, which is on its own not particularly strong. But in combination with the notes of menthol and the fluffy, soft and snug pouch material the experience is nevertheless stronger than you’d expect. A cool kick and a sweet after-taste is a neat way to describe this luscious treat from Shiro! The slim pouches lie comfortably under your lip, even after a long period. The contents are white and tobacco-free, which means they won’t stain your teeth!

AG Snus had, up until a few years ago, only produced authentic Swedish snus but because of an enormous demand stemming from both the EU and the US market for a cleaner snus – Shiro (meaning white, in Japanese) saw the light of day. 

Declaration of content
Fillers (E460), water, humectants (E422), flavor enhancers (saline), nicotine, aromas, acidity regulators (E500), preservatives (E202),

Special offer - Order 10 cans and get 2 extra for free!

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Jukka Kolehmainen
March 5, 2021
Taste is too strong and burning
It's not just a taste of mint. It's a combination of taste, smell and feeling that feels like it's burning my skin. I guess you could say it's akin to frost burn due to the extreme mintyness. Not to my liking.
February 10, 2021
Great taste, good kick!
Really nice pouch. Super cool and frosty taste. Nice kick and burn. Takes a while to get going but when it does it's great! One of the best nicotine pouches you can order to Finland.