Malaco Fizzypop

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Manufacturer: Cloetta

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Weight / Snus: 80.00 g / 0.00 g


Malaco Fizzypop is a colourful candy with a lush taste of bubble-gum. They are shaped like a soda bottle and they have a fizzy feeling to them and the soft texture they have is divine to sink your teeth into. Do not be surprised when the bag is suddenly empty.

The sweets have a somewhat sour sugar-coat, and the soft candy is sweet with a soft bubbling feeling to them. These sweets are delicious and loved by both young and old. They have really become a modern classic in the Swedish candy family.

Malaco got its name from Malmö Lakrits Compani (Malmö Liquorice Company), a company founded in 1934. They were the first liquorice makers in Sweden. Today they create a lot more than just liquorice, such as Gott&Blandat, Fizzypop and Zoo, to mention a few. Malaco has made it possible to pretend it is Saturday all week long with their amazing and yummy candy.

Declaration of content
glucose syrup, sugar / sugar, water / water, gelatin, acid (citric acid), dyes / dyes (E170, E120, E133), fully hardened / fully hardened / fully hardened palm fat, aroma.

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